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2011 TL
Navigation Manual
This document does not contain hyperlinks and may be formatted for printing instead of
web use. This is due to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen
throughout the model year. This manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the
end of the model year.
© 2010 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
P/N 00X31-TK4-8200


   Summary of Contents for Honda 2011 TL

  • Page 1

    This is due to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen throughout the model year. This manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the end of the model year. © 2010 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. P/N 00X31-TK4-8200...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction .........4 Displaying Current Location ..21 By Place Phone Number ....41 Traffi c Display Legend ....22 By Coordinate ....... 42 Manual Overview......4 ™ AcuraLink Real-Time Traffi c ..23 By Destination Lists ...... 43 System Overview ......4 Traffi...

  • Page 3

    Table of Contents Using Interface Dial to Change Contrast .......... 92 Map Menu ........57 Destination ....... 76 Black Level ........92 Directions ........58 Entering a Destination from the Volume .......... 93 EXIT INFO (Freeway Exit Menu Screen (while en route) .. 77 Interface Dial Feedback ....

  • Page 4

    Table of Contents Vehicle ........111 Entering the Security Code ..122 Glossary ........155 GPS Initialization ....... 122 Off-road Tracking ......111 Glossary ........155 Map Matching ......123 Correct Vehicle Position ....112 Voice Command Index .....158 Color .......... 113 System Limitations ....124 Global Commands ......

  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Manual Overview The back of this manual contains: System Overview • Map Coverage (page 129 ) The manual is divided into the Your navigation system is a highly following sections: sophisticated location system with • Cities with Traffi c Coverage (page 142) voice control that uses satellites and a •...

  • Page 6: Accessories Precautions

    Introduction The navigation system applies location, Accessories Precautions Important Safety Information direction, and speed information to If you have front or side window tinting The navigation system can distract your the maps and calculates a route to the installed, be aware that if the tint has attention from the road if you focus destination you enter.

  • Page 7: Map Overview

    Introduction The navigation system is designed to Map Overview WARNING provide route information to help you Current Street reach your destination. However, this Using the navigation system The current street on which your vehicle route guidance may sometimes confl ict while driving can take your is located appears at the bottom of the with current road conditions such as...

  • Page 8

    Introduction Verifi ed streets Unverifi ed streets These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and These roads are found in rural areas, and typically include When include interstate freeways and major roads connecting residential streets away from the center of a town. displayed cities.

  • Page 9: User Agreement

    Navigation System” (the “HDD”), whole or in part, without the express the HDD meet the specifi c objectives which includes HONDA MOTOR written permission of the Licensors. of the user. CO., LTD. software, PIONEER CORPORATION software, and •...

  • Page 10

    User Agreement • The terms and conditions hereof The user shall indemnify and save Use, duplication, or disclosure of this apply to all subsequent users and harmless the Licensors, and their HDD by or on behalf of the United owners as well as to the original offi...

  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started System Controls AUDIO button Press to display the audio screen. For more information on audio system features, see the Audio section of the vehicle Owner’s manual. Screen INFO button Displays the “Main Info” options on the INFO screen. When selecting the “Other”...

  • Page 12: Cancel Button

    Getting Started CANCEL button Interface Dial/ENTER button You can also rotate the Interface Dial knob to scroll through a list Cancels the current screen and returns to the previous screen display. or highlight items in a list to select. ENTER After making a selection in a menu NOTE: or list, push in on the Interface Dial...

  • Page 13: Lower Display

    Getting Started Screen Lower Display All selections and instructions are Shows a summary of the audio and displayed on the screen. The Display climate control information, as well as is not a “touch screen” - you enter the time. This summary is helpful as a information into the system either by confi...

  • Page 14: Voice Control Basics

    Getting Started Voice Control Basics BACK button This button has the same function as Your vehicle has a voice control system the CANCEL button. When you press that allows hands-free operation of most and release it, the display returns to the of the navigation system functions.

  • Page 15: Using The Voice Control System

    Getting Started Using the Voice Control System If the system does not understand a If you hear a prompt such as “Please command or you wait too long to give use the Interface Dial to...” or “Please You should use the voice control system a command, it responds with “Pardon,”...

  • Page 16: Selecting An Item (button) On The Screen

    Getting Started • The fan speed automatically lowers Selecting an Item (Button) Selecting an Item in a List when the TALK button is pressed. on the Screen To scroll through a list, do one of the Adjust the airfl ow from both the following: On most screens, there are items that dashboard and side vents so air does...

  • Page 17: Entering Information

    Getting Started Entering Information If a letter has options (such as accent Tip: marks or symbols), they will appear When entering a name of a city, street, When the system needs input from you, in gray next to the selected letter on or place, or if you are unsure of the the display changes to a screen similar the upper row.

  • Page 18

    Getting Started NOTE: The voice command names that can be used for each letter are shown below. For additional keyboard symbols, see page 167 . Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Alpha/Apple Hotel/Henry Oscar Victor Bravo/Boy India/Igloo...

  • Page 19: System Start-up

    Getting Started System Start-up System Language Selection If you do not push in on the Interface Dial, the screen will go dark after 30 Move the Interface Dial to the right When you change the power mode to seconds. (You can also display the to select CHANGE LANGUAGE.

  • Page 20: Bluetooth Handsfreelink

    Getting Started If you have entered any Calendar If you select Remind Later and push Bluetooth ® HandsFreeLink ® reminders, they are displayed after you in on the Interface Dial, the reminder If you have a Bluetooth-compatible cell select OK. See Calendar on page 85 . will show up again the next time you phone that is paired with the system, start the vehicle.

  • Page 21: Map Screen Legend

    Getting Started Streets Map Screen Legend (see Map Overview on page 6 ) No Entry Icon Traffi c Status Indicator : Freeways (Red) (See page 23 .) GPS Signal Strength : State Routes (Pink) : Best Reception : Verifi ed Streets (Gray) Vehicle Position (see page 70 ) : Good Reception (Use voice command “Display...

  • Page 22: Map Screen Description

    Getting Started Map Screen Description Displaying Current Location NOTE: The elevation will not appear when the You can see the current address, Zoom In/Out system is temporarily lacking proper latitude, longitude, and elevation at any Rotate the Interface Dial knob to GPS information.

  • Page 23: Traffi C Display Legend

    Getting Started Traffi c Display Legend Hearing Incident Details: Viewing Incident Details: If this screen is displayed, the system will To view incident details, use the Interface start reading incident details. Dial to position the cursor (round red circle) To view the message on the screen, push over an incident icon and push in.

  • Page 24: Acuralink Real-time Traffi C

    Getting Started AcuraLink Real-Time The current metropolitan areas that Traffi c Status Indicator have traffi c coverage can be seen on You can confi rm the reception status ™ Traffi c page 142 . For more current metro coverage of traffi c information (traffi c fl ow and The navigation screen can display information, go to incidents).

  • Page 25: Viewing Flow Data

    Getting Started Viewing Flow Data Naturally, only roads with these sensors • The displayed traffi c fl ow may will show traffi c information. The confl ict with other audio- or Internet- Traffi c fl ow data is displayed as colored amount of fl...

  • Page 26: Viewing Incident Reports

    Getting Started Viewing Incident Reports Listing Traffi c Incidents by Voice To view incident details, say the Control number of the incident you want to Incident reports appear as small select. A map showing the location of diamond- or circle-shaped icons (see From the map screen (any scale), say the incident will be displayed, and the Traffi...

  • Page 27

    Getting Started No Traffi c Incidents Selecting an Incident Icon from the NOTE: Map Screen • Incident reports can only be selected If you say “Display traffi c incidents” between the 1/20 to 5 mile scales. or select Traffi c Incidents, but Zoom in or out so that you are between •...

  • Page 28: System Function Diagram

    Getting Started System Function Diagram This diagram shows the navigation system features, starting at the center and working outward in layers. The navigation program starts at “Key ON,” and then displays the globe screen (blue). If OK is selected on the Disclaimer screen, the functions in the yellow segments of the diagram become available in the SET UP and INFO...

  • Page 29: Entering A Destination

    Entering a Destination When you press the MENU button, the NOTE: NOTE: If you press the MENU button while en If Previous Destinations is grayed display changes to: route, the MENU screen (Route) will out, there are no Previous Destinations be displayed.

  • Page 30: By Address

    Entering a Destination Place Phone No. (See page 41 ) By Address NOTE: • If you fi nd that your city is not You can search for the destination by After you select Address from the listed, it may be part of a larger inputting a place’s phone number.

  • Page 31: Selecting The Zip Code

    Entering a Destination The Say city name screen will not Selecting the ZIP Code Selecting the City display when Puerto Rico has been If you rotate the Interface Dial knob This is helpful if the street runs through chosen, or when a language other than and select ZIP code while on the Find several cities, and you know what city English has been selected.

  • Page 32

    Entering a Destination The system has a talk back function. Tip: You can also enter part of the name and If your spoken letter is not recognized, After the display has been changed look for the name you want from the the system will talk back to you.

  • Page 33: Selecting The Street

    Entering a Destination Select DESTINATION MAP and use Selecting the Street the Interface Dial to select an icon, By Voice Control approximate area, or street you wish to After you have selected the city, or if choose as your destination. Otherwise, you say “Street”...

  • Page 34: Entering The Street Number

    Entering a Destination You should select a letter by saying the Tip: Entering the Street Number number. When entering a street, you do not need After you have completed the street to enter the direction (N, S, E, W) or name, the display changes to the Enter Alternatively, to improve voice the type (St, Ave, etc.).

  • Page 35: By Address Book

    Entering a Destination If you did not select a city in the By Address Book The system then displays a list of the beginning, the street name you selected places entered in your personal Address This selection allows you to choose a might appear in more than one city.

  • Page 36: Adding Addresses To The Personal Address Book

    Entering a Destination Adding Addresses to the By Previous Destinations • Neither your home address nor the personal Address Book is displayed Personal Address Book Every time you route to a destination, on the Previous Destinations list. There are three ways to enter addresses that destination is saved by the system.

  • Page 37: By Place Name

    Entering a Destination By Place Name If you select a restaurant name with a NOTE: icon next to it, move the Interface When there are more than 20,000 If you select Place Name from the Dial to the right to view the Zagat destinations, the ordering of the items MENU screen (Dest.

  • Page 38: By Place Category

    Entering a Destination By Place Category • The second best method is to select Subcategories Place Category, then Restaurant, After you select Place Category from then CAFÉ/COFFEE SHOP, and the MENU screen (Dest. MENU 1), then enter the keyword “Bucks.” The the display changes to: list will include all restaurants that have the letters “bucks”...

  • Page 39: Auto Service


  • Page 40: Place Name

    Entering a Destination After selecting a subcategory, the Place Name City Vicinity system will give you the options of When you select this option, the display The system allows you to fi nd points of Place Name, Sort by Distance to changes to Enter a place name interest in the vicinity of the city you Travel, City Vicinity, or Search by...

  • Page 41: Sort By Distance To Travel

    Entering a Destination Sort by Distance to Travel Search by Keyword the list. If not, scroll through the list to fi nd the desired place. When you select this option, the system If you do not know the exact name of gives you a list of all the places in the the destination, you can fi...

  • Page 42: Sort By Zagat Rating

    Entering a Destination Sort by Zagat Rating By Place Phone Number This item appears on the Select one You can select a destination by phone of the Following screen only when number. Only phone numbers saved “Restaurant” has been selected as the in the system are recognized.

  • Page 43: By Coordinate

    Entering a Destination When you edit the phone number, By Coordinate After entering the latitude, move the continue pushing in on Interface Dial Interface Dial down and select OK. If you select Coordinate from the more than three seconds to display The display will change as indicated in MENU screen (Dest.

  • Page 44: By Destination Lists

    Entering a Destination NOTE: By Destination Lists Information icons are displayed at If you select Destination Lists from scales from 1 mile to 1/4 mile, POI the MENU screen (Dest. MENU 2), icons are displayed at 1/8 mile or less, you can store four waypoints and one and roads are displayed at 1/4 mile or destination simultaneously.

  • Page 45: Verifying Destination Lists

    Entering a Destination Verifying Destination Lists Editing Destination Lists By Intersection If you select Destination Lists from If you move the Interface Dial to After you select Intersection from the the MENU screen (Dest. MENU 2), the right to select Edit on the Dest. MENU screen (Dest.

  • Page 46: By Map Input

    Entering a Destination If the two streets that you have selected By Map Input Showing the Map of Current do not intersect, no intersection will After you select Map Input from the Position appear. MENU screen (Dest. MENU 2), the The Current Position selection display changes to: assumes that you are looking for a...

  • Page 47: Showing The Map Of City

    Entering a Destination If desired, rotate the Interface Dial Showing the Map of City knob to change the map scale. When You can search for a city name in all you have the crosshairs on the desired coverage areas. icon, polygon, or road, push in on the By Voice Control: Interface Dial.

  • Page 48

    Entering a Destination The Say city name screen will not The system has a talk back function. By Interface Dial: If your spoken letter is not recognized, display when Puerto Rico has been With the City selection, the display the system will talk back to you. For chosen, or when a language other than changes to the Enter city name screen.

  • Page 49: Show Map Of State

    Entering a Destination Show Map of State By Interface Dial: the crosshairs in the desired area, push in on the Interface Dial. The address By Voice Control: With the State selection, the display of the location you have selected will changes to the Select a state screen.

  • Page 50: Show Map Of Continental Usa And Canada

    Entering a Destination Show Map of Continental USA If desired, rotate the Interface Dial By Go Home 1 or 2 knob to change the map scale. When and Canada Selecting Go Home 1 or 2 from the you have the crosshairs on the desired With the USA and Canada/AK MENU screen (Dest.

  • Page 51

    Entering a Destination NOTE: • To edit Home Address, see Home Address on page 97 . • When no Home Address 1 or 2 has been set, the setup screen will be displayed. For details, see Home Address on page 97 . •...

  • Page 52: Driving To Your Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Driving to Your Destination Calculate Route to Screen ADD TO Address Book Allows you to add the destination to A route typically has three phases. your Address Book. See By Address • Initial route calculation (Calculate Book on page 34 .

  • Page 53: Changing The Routing Method

    Driving to Your Destination Changing the Routing Method The generated route may not be the Viewing the Routes route you would choose. For safety The system lets you select the way you If you select View Routes on the reasons, the system generally applies want to drive to your destination.

  • Page 54: Viewing The Destination Map

    Driving to Your Destination NOTE: Based on the route data, you can change Viewing the Destination Map • The driving distance and time the routing method by rotating the If you move the Interface Dial down Interface Dial knob. estimated for the various routes is and select DESTINATION MAP while displayed.

  • Page 55: Map Screen

    Driving to Your Destination Map Screen When you select OK on the Calculate route to screen, the map screen appears, showing your highlighted route (blue line) in real time. Route Line When driving on unverifi ed streets (purple), the route line changes to either a purple dotted “vector line”...

  • Page 56: Map Screen Legend

    Driving to Your Destination “Breadcrumbs” Map Screen Legend Waypoint (see page 74 ) (see Off-road Tracking on page 69 ) Map Orientation Blue Line Calculated route (see page 54) (see page 62 ) Landmark Icon - Generic (see page 63 ) Honda Dealer (USA) “Heading Up”...

  • Page 57: Guidance Screen

    Driving to Your Destination Guidance Screen Guidance Screen Legend The guidance screen offers an Direction of Destination, “as the crow fl ies” alternative way to view your route Milestone to Destination (see page 56 ) information. Many of the icons and screen features are similar to those on Scroll: to view guidance maneuvers the map screen.

  • Page 58: Distance And Time To Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Distance and Time to Map Menu Traffi c Incidents - Displays a list of the traffi c incidents around your current Destination When the map screen is displayed, position or on your current route. pressing in on the Interface Dial When you select a destination, the You can view this same list by saying displays the Map menu.

  • Page 59: Directions

    Driving to Your Destination Find Nearest … - Selects a subcategory Directions Press the CANCEL button or the from the list to search the nearest BACK button, or move the Interface You can display a list of the maneuvers POI from your current location. For Dial down to return to the previous on your route and confi...

  • Page 60: Exit Info (freeway Exit Information)

    Driving to Your Destination EXIT INFO (Freeway Exit On the map screen, you can display Guidance Mode Freeway Exit information using the Information) When en route to a destination, you Interface Dial. The Exit Info icon will You can search freeway exit have two display options: single-screen only be displayed on the map screen if information (gas stations, restaurants,...

  • Page 61: Current Location

    Driving to Your Destination Guidance mode can be changed in SET Current Location Map Legend UP (see Guidance Mode on page 109 ). You can use the Map legend screens Displays the current location, address, city, and state, as well as the latitude to learn the meaning of map features, When you get near the maneuver, the and longitude.

  • Page 62: Map Scale

    Driving to Your Destination Map Scale Rotate the Interface Dial knob or a voice command such as “Display 1/2 mile scale” (see page 159 ) to change the scale of the map. Zooming in increases the detail, while zooming out gives you a view of a wider area. After changing the scale, give the system a few moments to update the display.

  • Page 63: Map Orientation

    Driving to Your Destination Map Orientation Push in on the Interface Dial when Destination Icon you are on the map screen, and select The map can be orientated two ways: The destination icon only shows the Map Information. Select North- approximate location of the destination.

  • Page 64: Various Other Icons

    Driving to Your Destination Various Other Icons One-Way Traffi c Icon • For information on the available voice commands, see Voice The one-way traffi c icons (see Map Landmark Icons Command Index on page 158 . Screen Legend on page 55 ) are only Landmark icons are shown in the map shown on the 1/20 mile scale.

  • Page 65: Incident Icons

    Driving to Your Destination Incident Icons Weather Icons NOTE: Weather icons are only visible if Incident icons are displayed on the 1/20 Weather icons are displayed on all map you have a current traffi c/weather through 5 mile scales. The icons are: scales.

  • Page 66

    Driving to Your Destination For some icons, you can choose to show or hide them on the map, while others like Honda Dealers are always shown. The table below shows the features for each icon type. Some Points of Interest (POIs) like Police Stations are not shown as an icon, but you can still locate the nearest one with the voice command, “Find nearest Police station.”...

  • Page 67

    Driving to Your Destination Incident icon Icon can be selected POI can be found Icon can be Icon can be Icon selection as a destination on on the map manually manually by voice the map screen with screen using voice displayed hidden the Interface Dial...

  • Page 68: Showing Icons On The Map

    Driving to Your Destination Showing Icons on the Map In the screen shown, traffi c, gas Icon Options stations, and restaurants are selected. Selecting Show Icon on Map from If you move the Interface Dial down Rotate the Interface Dial knob Map Information on the Map menu and select ICON OPTIONS, the and push in to select (blue with box...

  • Page 69

    Driving to Your Destination For instance, let’s assume that your In the example shown, only POST NOTE: hospital is not displayed on the map, OFFICE and SCHOOL are selected When viewing the map screen, you can and you want to make sure that your and will show up on the map.

  • Page 70: Going Off The Route

    Driving to Your Destination Going Off the Route Off-road Tracking By following the dots, you can backtrack to the mapped road you If you leave the calculated route, If you drive away from a mapped road, originally left. “Breadcrumbs” may “Recalculating...”...

  • Page 71: Viewing/saving The Current Location

    Driving to Your Destination Viewing/ Saving the Current NOTE: To save the location, say “Save current The elevation will not appear when the location” or select Save on the Current Location system is temporarily lacking proper location screen. The Edit address Whenever you are on a map screen, GPS information.

  • Page 72: Pop-ups And Disclaimers

    Driving to Your Destination Pop-ups and Disclaimers • Your route includes traffi c restrictions • Your route includes unverifi ed areas in the vicinity of the departure point (see Unverifi ed Area Routing on page When you say “OK” in the Calculate or destination.

  • Page 73: Traffi C Rerouting

    Driving to Your Destination • You actually entered an unverifi ed Traffi c Rerouting area (see Unverifi ed Area Routing on When driving en route to your page 102 ). destination with Traffi c Rerouting is ON, the system can fi nd a faster route based on traffi...

  • Page 74: Changing The Route

    Driving to Your Destination When you say or select Avoid, the Changing the Route • Using the Interface Dial to select a different POI or address on the map display returns to the list screen. When While en route, you may wish to alter (page 76 ).

  • Page 75

    Driving to Your Destination Cancel Route your waypoint(s) or destination (system Waypoint beeps if selected). Cancels the current route (and any Waypoints allow you to add an waypoints) and returns you to the map interim “pit stop” while traveling to NOTE: screen.

  • Page 76: Interface Dial Knob

    Driving to Your Destination Adding Waypoint Next, select the category from the If you add a waypoint, the Dest List “Originals” or “My Favorites” tab on screen will be displayed. If you move From the MENU screen (Route), the Category screen, then follow the the Interface Dial down and select if you say or select Waypoint, the menu prompts to select a destination.

  • Page 77: Changing Your Destination

    Driving to Your Destination Changing Your Destination Using Interface Dial to Change If this is not your desired new destination, press the CANCEL button Destination There are four methods by which you or the BACK button to return to the can change or add a waypoint to your While following a calculated route, you map screen.

  • Page 78: Entering A Destination From The Menu Screen (while En Route)

    Driving to Your Destination When the pop-up menu is displayed, Entering a Destination from the Continue Trip to Screen select New Dest. to set your location Menu Screen (while en route) If you restart the vehicle without having as a replacement destination, or If you say “Menu”, or press the MENU completed your prior trip, you will see Waypoint to set as a waypoint.

  • Page 79: Acuralink Messages

    Driving to Your Destination AcuraLink Messages NOTE: • The vehicle Owner’s manual for a detailed explanation of the system. See your vehicle Owner’s manual for AcuraLink enhances your ownership more details on this feature. experience by providing a direct communication link between you When service information is received and Acura.

  • Page 80: Information Features

    Information Features The INFO function consists of two INFO Screen (Main Info) Cellular Phone main screens. To display the INFO The Cellular Phone option (available When you say “Information” or press screen (Main Info), say “Information” on some phones) allows you to the INFO button, the display changes to: or press the INFO button.

  • Page 81: Messages

    Information Features • For questions about the HFL If you select an incident from the list AcuraLink Weather and push in on the Interface Dial, the Cellular Phonebook, call The Weather Info option allows you HandsFreeLink customer support at detailed information and the map of the to view the weather forecast, warning (888) 528-7876, or (888) 9-HONDA- surrounding area will appear.

  • Page 82

    Information Features • When you cannot receive Weather When you select City Vicinity, NOTE: Info, this feature cannot be the Enter city name screen will be • When the GPS signal or weather information cannot be received, selected. After a period of 15 displayed.

  • Page 83

    Information Features You can view three types of lists by Warning Map Radar Map selecting a sorting method from “All You can view the warning map, which To view a radar map displaying rain US,” “Within 500mi,” or “On Route.” contains different colors according or other weather systems, say or select A warning icon in the list indicates that...

  • Page 84

    Information Features Weather Information on Map When you select the weather icon Weather Information for Destination next to a city name and push in the Weather Icons When you select a destination from the Interface Dial, the Forecast screen Weather icons can be displayed on the MENU screen, the Calculate route to will be displayed.

  • Page 85: Voice Info

    Information Features You can also view the weather When the system calculates a route Voice Info information for your destination when and there is a warning on the route, the When you say or select Voice Info on you select the destination directly from following screen will be displayed: the INFO screen (Main Info), you will the map screen (use the Interface...

  • Page 86: Calendar

    Information Features There is a tutorial available for the When you make a command help Calendar voice command help. Say or select selection under any of the help screens, The Calendar option allows you Getting started, and the display you will see the help commands that to enter events and be reminded of changes to: can be used with voice control.

  • Page 87

    Information Features You can scroll through the calendar day Entering Your Schedule Edit Date by day by rotating the Interface Dial This allows you to move your calendar Set your schedule by selecting the day on knob, or select the day by voice. When entry to a different date.

  • Page 88: Scenic Road Information

    Information Features Once you have entered the message, Back to Calendar View Scenic Road Information say or select OK. The message will be Say or select Scenic Road Once you have fi nished entering the displayed on the specifi ed date on the Information while on the INFO schedule, say or select BACK TO Calendar screen and the display will...

  • Page 89: Calculator

    Information Features Calculator Unit Conversion 4. Select the base unit (e.g., pounds) that you wish to convert to some When you say or select Calculator on Values entered on the calculator can be other unit. All other units will change the INFO screen (Other), the display converted from one unit to another (e.g., automatically depending on the base...

  • Page 90: System/device Information

    Information Features System/Device Information Map Update Status Roadside Assistance Say or select System/Device During data updates, you can check Acura Roadside Assistance is provided Information while on the INFO the update status for map data for each as a service to Acura clients. When screen (Other), and the display will state.

  • Page 91: Key To Zagat Ratings

    Information Features Key to Zagat Ratings • The symbols, if displayed, indicate the following information: By saying or selecting Key to Zagat Ratings on the INFO screen (Other), open on Sunday you can see the explanation of the closed on Sunday data displayed for the Zagat-surveyed open on Monday restaurants.

  • Page 92: Show Wallpaper

    Information Features Show Wallpaper If you say or select Show wallpaper from the INFO screen (Other), the wallpaper that is currently selected will be displayed on the screen. If you push in on the Interface Dial, the original screen will return. For instructions on changing Wallpapers Setting , see page 116 .

  • Page 93: System Setup

    System Setup SETUP Mode SETUP Screen (Main Set up) Contrast The screen contrast has 11 settings. Select Set up from the INFO screen The SET UP function consists of two To adjust the contrast, use the voice (Main info), and the following screen main screens that allow you to change control system and say “Contrast up”...

  • Page 94: Volume

    System Setup Volume Interface Dial Feedback Personal Information The navigation voice volume has 11 This setting allows you to control From the SET UP screen (Main settings and can be adjusted by: when (and if) the system will read the Set up), say or select Personal current selection you choose with the Information and the following screen...

  • Page 95

    System Setup You may choose to use a Personal Accessing the Address Book List Entering an Address Identifi cation Number (PIN) to protect After selecting the Address Book, your privacy. However, PINs are move the Interface Dial down while optional, and if you decide to use one, on the Select an address screen to record it in case you forget the number change to DRIVER 1 or DRIVER 2.

  • Page 96

    System Setup Edit Name Edit Address Place Name - Allows you to select one of the Point of Interest (POI) locations When you say or select Edit Address, You may use the “Name” fi eld to give already stored in the system as one of the entry a name or title that you will the display changes to: your personal addresses.

  • Page 97

    System Setup After you have used one of these Edit Phone Number Edit Category six options to enter the address, the You can enter the phone number of If desired, you can specify the category initial screen for entering the personal the address.

  • Page 98: Home Address

    System Setup NOTE: Delete an Address Home Address You can have 100 categories (including This feature lets you return “Home” This feature allows you to select an UNFILED). These are shared between from any location simply by saying address to delete. Once an address is DRIVER 1 and DRIVER 2.

  • Page 99: Pin Number

    System Setup NOTE: PIN Number Address Book PIN If your Home Address cannot be found You can set a four-digit PIN (Personal If you choose to enter a PIN for the in the system, then while located on Identifi cation Number) for accessing personal Address Book, you will the street close to your home, select and changing personal addresses and...

  • Page 100

    System Setup 4. When you have entered your PIN, Even if you forget the Address Book Go home 1 or 2 PIN the display changes to the Please PIN, you can delete the address book by 1. Select Go home 1 or 2 PIN, and reenter new PIN screen.

  • Page 101: Previous Destinations

    System Setup Previous Destinations SET UP Screen (Other) Basic Settings Allows you to delete some or all of your From the SET UP screen (Other), Select the “Other” tab by moving the previous destinations. Interface Dial to the right to view say or select Basic Settings and the additional SET UP functions and the following screen appears:...

  • Page 102: Units (mile Or Km)

    System Setup Units (mile or km) Routing & Guidance Rerouting Allows you to select the units for the If Rerouting is set to AUTOMATIC From the SET UP screen (Other), say entire system (mile or km). and you deviate from the route, you will or select Routing &...

  • Page 103: Unverifi Ed Area Routing

    System Setup Unverifi ed Area Routing Allows you to receive turn-by-turn map and voice guidance in unverifi ed areas when en route to a destination (see Map Overview on page 6 ). The chart below illustrates the routing differences with this setting ON or OFF. Unverifi...

  • Page 104

    System Setup Unverifi ed Area Routing Because both routes bypass or use Unverifi ed Area Routing “ON” unverifi ed streets, it is recommended When driving to your destination, you that you stop and review the map. have the choice of using or not using “unverifi...

  • Page 105

    System Setup With Unverifi ed Area Routing Unverifi ed Area Routing “OFF” Unverifi ed Area Routing “ON” OFF, before you enter an unverifi ed street, a caution box appears on the screen and a voice message is given. This lets you know that you are about to enter an unverifi...

  • Page 106

    System Setup With Unverifi ed Area Routing Unverifi ed Area Routing “OFF” Unverifi ed Area Routing “ON” OFF, you are presented with a blue “vector line” that always points to the destination. You must manually choose streets from the map that will lead to your destination.

  • Page 107: Edit Avoid Area

    System Setup Edit Avoid Area You can select New Area, or select Say or select Edit Area to create the This function allows you to select areas one of your existing areas to modify. If area to be avoided. The following you choose New Area, the following you wish to avoid when calculating a screen appears:...

  • Page 108

    System Setup After selecting the choice, a map Say or select OK to return to the Edit avoid area screen. screen will be displayed. If your selected area contains a freeway, the system will prompt you with a pop- up box saying “Do you want to avoid freeways?”...

  • Page 109: Edit Waypoint Search Area

    System Setup Edit Waypoint Search Area For “Places along the route,” the system looks in front of you within a corridor When driving en route to your width specifi ed by your values for “On destination, you can select a temporary Freeways”...

  • Page 110: Guidance Mode

    System Setup Guidance Mode Street Name Guidance Traffi c Rerouting Allows you to select the guidance Allows voice guidance to include the This feature considers traffi c display mode: Single Screen or Split street names during maneuvers (for information when carrying out Screen.

  • Page 111: Clock Adjustment

    System Setup Clock Adjustment Auto Daylight Sets automatic daylight saving time ON From the SET UP screen (Other), say or OFF. If set to ON, the clock will or select Clock Adjustment and the automatically “spring ahead” or “fall following screen appears: behind”...

  • Page 112: Auto Time Zone

    System Setup Auto Time Zone Time Adjustment Vehicle Sets automatic time zone selection by Adjusts the current time in hours and From the SET UP screen (Other), say GPS to ON or OFF. If you are driving minutes. Select the current time by or select Vehicle and the following across the country and passing through moving the Interface Dial up, and...

  • Page 113: Correct Vehicle Position

    System Setup After you have traveled approximately Correct Vehicle Position 1. Stop the vehicle. 1/2 mile away from a mapped road, the The system relies on satellites for 2. Select Correct Vehicle Position, system will display a series of white positioning information.

  • Page 114: Color

    System Setup 4. Rotate the Interface Dial knob Color Map Color so the vehicle position arrowhead is Allows you to choose the map color From the SET UP screen (Other), pointing in the correct direction, and from one of fi ve colors for the Day and say or select Color and the following push in on the Interface Dial.

  • Page 115: Menu Color

    System Setup Menu Color Switching Display Mode See the chart on page 115 for an explanation of other day/night display Allows you to choose the menu color Manually mode adjustments and how they interact from one of fi ve colors for the Day and Pressing the Display Mode button with each other.

  • Page 116: Switching Display Mode Automatically

    System Setup Switching Display Mode Automatically llumination control Operation But remember Display Mode button (see page 10 ) Allows selection of Day, Night or Off display When the car is restarted, the display mode previously selected by this button is canceled mode.

  • Page 117: Language

    System Setup Language • Voice confi rmation of cities and Wallpapers Setting streets only occurs when English has From the SET UP screen (Other), say Selects the language to be used on each been selected. or select Wallpapers Setting and the screen that the system displays.

  • Page 118: Importing Pictures From Usb

    System Setup Importing Pictures from USB • You can import images from the root Selecting Wallpaper Pictures directory. Images in folders cannot To use a wallpaper image other than If you say or select Select wallpaper be imported. the factory defaults, you can import picture, a list of the images on the •...

  • Page 119: Delete Pictures On Hdd

    System Setup Delete Pictures on HDD Images that have not yet completed Reset Factory Default uploading from a USB thumb drive If you say or select Delete pictures Settings cannot be deleted. on HDD, a list of the images on the The Set up settings and rear camera HDD will appear.

  • Page 120: Clear Personal Data

    System Setup • Routing & Guidance: Rerouting, Clear Personal Data NOTE: Unverifi ed Area Rerouting, Traffi c • When the Address Book is deleted, Any uploaded data, calendar entries, Rerouting, Edit Waypoint Search all contents (except the Categories) address books, stored destinations, or Area, Guidance Mode, Street Name will be deleted.

  • Page 121: Acuralink/messages

    System Setup AcuraLink/Messages Traffi c & Weather Status For complete details on setting up You can confi rm the reception status of XM signal, traffi c information data, or your AcuraLink messaging, refer weather information data. to the AcuraLink section in your vehicle Owner’s manual, or go to

  • Page 122: Rearview Camera

    System Setup Rearview Camera Rearview Camera Brightness Rearview Camera Image Adjustment Your vehicle is equipped with a 4th line (9 ft, 3 m) rearview camera as shown in the When in reverse, the navigation “hard” 3rd line (6.5 ft, 2 m) illustration.

  • Page 123: System Initialization

    System Initialization System Initialization Entering the Security Code GPS Initialization If for any reason you lose power to If the battery goes dead or is Depending on the length of time the the navigation system (e.g., the battery disconnected for any reason, you will battery was disconnected, your system was disconnected), the navigation have to enter a security code for the...

  • Page 124: Map Matching

    System Initialization If the navigation system fi nds the Map Matching Although your navigation system is one satellites properly, this box clears and of the most highly sophisticated pieces This part of the initialization matches the Disclaimer screen is shown. If of equipment you will fi...

  • Page 125: System Limitations

    System Limitations Also, depending on your current view • Other aftermarket audio electronic The destination icon shows the devices mounted near the navigation of the sky and the position of the approximate location of the destination. unit satellites, the elevation may be shown This occurs because a city block can incorrectly.

  • Page 126: Database Limitations

    Database Limitations You will fi nd that some points of The digitized map database refl ects In addition, this database does not interest (POI) may be missing when you conditions as they existed at various include, analyze, process, consider, or search the database.

  • Page 127

    Database Limitations • Traffi c facilities safety Copyrights • Copyright © 2008 Zagat Survey, • Special events LLC. All rights reserved. • Pavement characteristics or conditions • © 2007 NAVTEQ All Rights We assume no liability for any incident Reserved. that may result from an error in the program, or from changed conditions •...

  • Page 128: Client Assistance

    “verifi ed” roads shown in black Acura Navi page 146 , System Limitations GPS on the map, then report it online at Reception IssuesPS Reception Issues America Honda Motor Co., Inc. on page 124 , or Troubleshooting on Acura Client Service page 154 .

  • Page 129

    Client Assistance Visiting Your Dealer • Call Acura Client Services (see Obtaining a Navigation Acura Automobile Client Service on We strive to make this manual as Update DVD page 127 ). complete as possible and to answer all Acura is continually expanding the questions regarding operation of the scope of the navigation system.

  • Page 130: Coverage Areas

    Coverage Areas Map Coverage U.S. Detailed Coverage Areas Southern California Area – including Bakersfi eld and San Luis Obispo The system provides map coverage for Alabama Yuba Auburn-Opelika the following U.S. states, as well as Colorado Birmingham/Tuscaloosa for Canada and Puerto Rico. The map Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs/ Huntsville coverage consists of accurately mapped...

  • Page 131

    Coverage Areas Jacksonville Metro – including St. Idaho Lafayette Johns County Boise Muncie Miami/Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Idaho Falls Northwest Indiana Beach Metro Pocatello South Bend/Elkhart/Goshen Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne Sun Valley Ski Resorts Terre Haute area – including Osceola County Illinois Iowa Panama City Bloomington-Normal Ames...

  • Page 132

    Coverage Areas Maryland Minnesota Nebraska State of (partial) - Baltimore/ Duluth Lincoln (Lancaster County) Washington D.C. Metro – Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro – Omaha including Charles and Carroll including cities in Anoka Scott and Nevada Counties Carver Counties Las Vegas Metro Cumberland Moorhead Reno/Lake Tahoe...

  • Page 133

    Coverage Areas New York North Dakota Pennsylvania Binghamton Fargo Metro Allentown Buffalo – including Erie and Grand Forks Erie Niagara Counties Gettysburg Ohio Eastern New York – including Harrisburg Akron the Adirondack, Oneonta - Lancaster Columbus/Marysville Metro Cooperstown, New York City Philadelphia Metro Cincinnati Metro –...

  • Page 134

    Coverage Areas South Dakota Longview Danville Rapid City Lubbock Emporia Sioux Falls McAllen Lynchburg Midland/Odessa Metro Richmond Metro Tennessee Nacogdoches-Lufkin Roanoke Chattanooga San Antonio Metro Shenandoah National Park Chester County South Padre Island Staunton-Waynesboro-Harrisonburg Franklin County Texarkana Williamsburg/Norfolk/Virginia Johnson City/Kingsport/Bristol Wichita Falls Beach Metro –...

  • Page 135: Canada Detailed Coverage Areas

    Coverage Areas Wisconsin Canada Detailed Coverage BRITISH COLUMBIA Appleton Areas Greater Vancouver Beloit Anmore ALBERTA Eau Claire Belcarra Green Bay Airdrie Bowen Island Janesville Banff Burnaby Kenosha County Beaumont Coquitlam La Crosse Calgary Delta Madison Calmar Langley Lake Geneva Canmore Langley Twp Milwaukee Metro –...

  • Page 136

    Coverage Areas Fraser Valley Saanich Durham Abbottsford Sidney Ajax Chilliwack Sooke Brock Mission Victoria Clarington View Royal Oshawa Squamish-Lillooet Pickering Lillooet MANITOBA Scugog Pemberton Uxbridge East St Paul Squamish Headingley Whitby Whistler West St Paul Elgin Thompson-Nicola Winnipeg Aylmer Kamloops Bayham NOVA SCOTIA Central Okanagan...

  • Page 137

    Coverage Areas Grey Muskoka Plympton-Wyoming Bracebridge Blue Mountains Point Edward Chatsworth Sarnia Georgian Bay Georgian Bluffs St Clair Gravenhurst Meaford Huntsville Warwick Lake of Bays Grey Highlands Lanark Hanover Muskoka Lakes Beckwith Owen Sound Middlesex Carleton Place Southgate Adelaide Metcalfe Drummond/North Elmsley West Grey Lanark Highlands...

  • Page 138

    Coverage Areas Norfolk St. Mary’s Tiny Norfolk Stratford Wasaga Beach West Perth Northumberland Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Alnwick/Haldimand Prescott and Russell Cornwall Brighton Alfred and Plantagenet North Dundas Cobourg Casselman North Glengarry Cramahe Champlain North Stormont Hamilton Twp Clarence-Rockland South Dundas Port Hope East Hawkesbury South Glengarry...

  • Page 139

    Coverage Areas York Dufferin QUÉBEC Aurora Elgin Montreal-Laurentians East Gwillimbury Essex Beauharnois-Salaberry Georgina Frontenac Beauharnois King Gray Salaberry-de-Valleyfi eld Markham Haldimand-Norfolk Ste-Martine Newmarket Haliburton St-Étienne-de-Beauharnois Richmond Hill Hastings St-Louis-de-Gonzague Vaughan Huron St-Stanislas-de-Kostka Whitchurch-Stouffville Kawartha Lakes St-Urbain-Premier Lambton Windsor Lanark Deux-Montagnes Leeds and Grenville Deux-Montagnes Essex...

  • Page 140

    Coverage Areas La Rivìere-du-Nord Le-Haut-Richelieu Les-Jardins-De-Napierville Prévost Henryville Hemmingford St-Colomban Lacolle Hemmingford Village St-Hippolyte Mont-St-Grégoire Napierville St-Jèrôme Noyan St-Bernard-de-Lacolle Ste-Sophie St-Alexandre St-Cyprien-de-Châteauguay St-Blaise-sur-Richelieu St-Édouard La Vallee-du-Richelieu St-Georges-de-Clarenceville St-Jacques-le-Mineur Beloeil St-Jean-sur-Richelieu St-Michel Caringnan St-Paul-de-L’Île-aux-Noix St-Patrice-de-Sherrington Chambly St-Sébastien St-Rémi McMasterville St-Valentin Mont-St-Hilaire Les Laurentides Ste-Anne-de-Sabreviois Otterburn Park...

  • Page 141

    Coverage Areas Les Moulins St-Liguori St-Constant Mascouche St-Lin -- Laurentides St-Isidore Terrebonne St-Roche-de-l’Achigan St-Mathieu St-Roch-Ouest St-Philippe Les Pays-D’en-Haut Lac-des-Seize-Îles Montreal Sherbrooke Morin-Heights Baie-D’Urfé Sherbrooke Piedmont Beaconsfi eld Therese-de-Blainville Ste-Adolphe-d’Howard Côte-St-Luc Blainville St-Sauveur Dollard-des-Ormeaux Boisbriand Ste-Adèle Dorval Bois-des-Filion Ste-Anne-des-Lacs Hampstead Lorraine Ste-Marguerite-Estèrel Kirkland Rosemere...

  • Page 142

    Coverage Areas Ste-Marthe L’Île-d’Orléans CANADA CONNECTOR ROADS St-Polycarpe St-François- L’Île-d’Orléans The Cross-Canada Connector Road St-Telesphore St-Jean allows for travel between the provinces St-Zotique St-Laurent-de- L’Île-d’Orléans of British Columbia and Quebec in Terrasse-Vaudreuil St-Pierre-de- L’Île-d’Orléans DCA 11. Major metropolitan city POIs Tres-St-Redempteur Ste-Famille are also included.

  • Page 143

    Coverage Areas Roads in the province of Alberta Roads in the province of Manitoba Cities with available AcuraLink Real- Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across Time Traffi c information whole province whole province The following cities currently have Hwy-1A from Cochrane to Canmore Hwy-100/Trans Canada Hwy in available continuously updated traffi...

  • Page 144

    Coverage Areas Hartford-New Britain-Middletown, CT Providence-Warwick-Pawtucket, RI Coverage may expand to other Houston-Galveston, TX Raleigh-Durham, NC cities as traffi c information in Indianapolis, IN Richmond, VA those cities becomes available. For Jacksonville, FL Rochester, NY the latest traffi c coverage details Kansas City, KS Sacramento, CA for each metropolitan area, check...

  • Page 145: Operation In Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, And Puerto Rico

    Coverage Areas Operation in Alaska, Hawaii, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Other Map Issues Canada, and Puerto Rico • See the coverage section for a list of Puerto Rico islands with coverage (see page 129 ). Certain functions that rely on a satellite This section describes the differences in signal will not work correctly.

  • Page 146: Info Screen Differences

    Coverage Areas AcuraLink/Messages Weather Information NOTE: Shipping a vehicle from Alaska, This item is grayed out on the SET UP This item is grayed out on the INFO Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico to screen (Other) because XM is not screen because XM is not available.

  • Page 147: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Map and Features, Voice Operation, Entering Addresses Problem Solution Why does the Disclaimer screen need to be displayed The Disclaimer screen reminds you and your guest drivers to always operate every time I start the car? I am the only driver. the navigation system in a safe manner.

  • Page 148

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution The daytime map screen is dark like the night display Verify the following: The Map Color in SET UP is set to White for Day. mode, and it is hard to see. Why? See Switching Display Mode Manually on page 114 . How do I change or remove my PIN? Go to “Personal Information”...

  • Page 149

    Frequently Asked Questions Traffi c Problem Solution My AcuraLink Real-Time Traffi c is missing and is not Verify the following: displaying properly. What is wrong? • Check the traffi c icon on the icon bar, and the icon options for traffi c. Page 67 walks you through the verifi...

  • Page 150

    Frequently Asked Questions Guidance, Routing Problem Solution The navigation system does not route me the same way The navigation system attempts to generate the optimum route. See Changing I would go, or the way some other mapping program the Routing Method on page 52 . displays.

  • Page 151

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution While I drive, my screen shows white dots These are called “breadcrumbs.” If you drive more than 1/2 mile from (“breadcrumbs”) on it. What do they mean? mapped roads, the off-road tracking feature begins to function. See Off-road Tracking on pages 69 and 111 .

  • Page 152

    Frequently Asked Questions Update DVD, Coverage, Map Errors, Limitations Problem Solution When is my city going to become part of a fully verifi ed The mapping database vendor is constantly revising map coverage. See page 129 detailed coverage area? for ways to obtain the latest detailed coverage information. Will the navigation system work outside North America? The system contains maps for the 50 U.S.

  • Page 153

    Frequently Asked Questions Display, Accessories Problem Solution The display appears dim when starting the car in really No. This is normal, and it will become brighter after a few minutes. cold weather. Is there a problem? Rear Camera Problem Solution When I shift gears, the rear camera image is delayed.

  • Page 154

    Frequently Asked Questions Problem Solution The navigation system automatic daylight time feature is 1) Go to the Clock adjustment screen in SETUP and ensure that Auto not switching the navigation system clock on the correct Daylight is ON. dates. Why is this? 2) The automatic daylight saving time feature does not work in regions where the daylight saving time system is not adopted.

  • Page 155: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Screen Error Message Solution The display temperature is too high! For protection, the This message will appear briefl y when the display temperature is too high, display will shut down. and then the display will turn off until the temperature cools down. The system will turn back on when the display cools down.

  • Page 156: Glossary

    Glossary Glossary Digitized Road - A road that appears GPS Antenna - Located on the back of on the navigation screen. The road the navigation display, which is in the The following is a glossary of terms name will appear at the bottom of the center of the dashboard.

  • Page 157

    Glossary Initialization - This refers to the period Navi - Abbreviation for the navigation POI - Point of Interest. These are the needed to reacquire the GPS satellite system. businesses, schools, etc. found under Place category or Place Name orbital information whenever the navigation system power has been North Pointer - The map symbol on the MENU screen (Dest.

  • Page 158

    Glossary USB - Universal Serial Bus. A VP - Vehicle Position. When in map Yaw Rate Sensor - Senses when the computer hardware interface used mode, this circular icon shows the vehicle makes a turn, which makes to store and play audio fi les from vehicle position on the map.

  • Page 159: Voice Command Index

    Voice Command Index Global Commands The “Voice Info” option on the INFO Navigation General screen (Main Info) lists many of the Commands The system accepts these commands on following controls. To avoid distraction any screen. The system accepts these commands on while you are driving, the system can a map/guidance screen.

  • Page 160: Navigation Display Commands

    Voice Command Index How long to the destination? Navigation Display Display: (display the selected icon on (when en route, tells the time to the screen) Commands destination)* The system accepts these commands on How far to the destination? (when gas station a map/guidance screen.

  • Page 161: Find Place Commands

    Voice Command Index Hide: (hide the selected icon from the Find Place Commands University screen) Library The system accepts these commands on Post offi ce a map/guidance screen. gas station School Find nearest: (fi nd the nearest restaurant Emergency room selection) zagat restaurant Hospital...

  • Page 162: Climate Control Commands

    Voice Command Index Californian restaurant Pet food store Climate Control Commands Chinese restaurant Sewing store The system accepts these commands on Continental restaurant Sporting goods store most screens. Fast food restaurant Toy store French restaurant Travel Center Climate control automatic (controls German restaurant Airport temperature to your selection)

  • Page 163: Radio Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Fan speed up Radio Voice Commands XM channel # (#: 1-255) Fan speed down XM channel up The system accepts these commands on Fan speed # (#:1-7) (for best voice XM channel down most screens. control, lower the fan speed) XM category up Driver temperature # degrees XM category down...

  • Page 164: Disc Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Disc Voice Commands HDD Voice Commands AUX Voice Commands The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens. most screens. most screens. DISC play HDD play AUX play DISC play track # (#: 1-30) HDD skip forward...

  • Page 165: Usb Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index USB Voice Commands iPod Voice Commands Bluetooth ® Audio Commands The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on most screens. most screens. most screens. USB play iPod play Bluetooth audio play USB play track # (#:1-30) iPod skip forward...

  • Page 166: Cellular Phone Voice Commands

    Voice Command Index Cellular Phone Voice On-Screen Commands SET UP Screen (Main Set up) Commands Commands The system accepts these commands on any screen. There are over 100 The system accepts these commands on The system accepts these commands on-screen commands. Just say what the cellular phone screens.

  • Page 167: On-screen Spelling Assist

    Voice Command Index On-Screen Spelling Assist NOTE: • The system will only respond to the When speaking the letters or using names shown in the following tables. “spell mode,” you can substitute the • To select the letter “A,” you can also; name that represents each letter or select the “A”...

  • Page 168

    Voice Command Index Letters Assist Defi nitions: Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Or say “...” Apple/Alpha Henry/Hotel Oscar Victor Boy/Bravo Igloo/India Paul/Papa William/Whiskey Charlie John/Juliet Queen/Québec X-Ray Dog/Delta King/Kilo Robert/Romeo Yellow/Yankee Edward/Echo Larry/Lima Sam/Sierra Zebra/Zulu Frank/Foxtrot Mary/Mike Tom/Tango Enter...

  • Page 169

    Voice Command Index Symbol Assist Defi nitions: Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” À A grave î I circumfl ex Underscore  A circumfl ex ï I umlaut Back quote A umlaut O circumfl...

  • Page 170

    Voice Command Index Numbers and Additional Symbol Assist Defi nitions: Numbers Say “...” or “Number ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Symbols Say “...” or “Symbol ...” Hyphen Tilde Exclamation point Slash Three ” Double quote < Less than Four Pound >...

  • Page 171: Index

    INDEX Breadcrumbs ....... 20, 69 Changing the Route ......73 Brightness.......... 92 Changing the Routing Method ..52 Accessing the Address Book List ..94 By Address ........29 Changing Your Destination ....76 Acura Automobile Client Service ... 127 By Address Book ......

  • Page 172

    INDEX Destination Map ........ 53 Interface Dial knob ......11 Detour ..........74 Intersection ........29, 44 Getting Started ........10 Directions .......... 58 iPod Voice Commands ....164 Global Command ......158 Disc Voice Commands .....163 Glossary .......... 155 Display Mode button ......

  • Page 173

    INDEX Microphone ........13 Restaurant ......... 38 System/Device Information ....89 Route ........51, 54, 69 System Function Diagram ....27 Routing & Guidance ......101 System Initialization ....... 122 Name ........... 28, 36 Routing Method ........ 52 System Limitations......124 Navigation Display Commands ..159 System Setup ........

  • Page 174

    INDEX Vehicle ..........111 Verbal Reminders ......101 Verifi ed street ........7 View Routes ........52 Visiting Your Dealer ....... 128 Voice Command Index ....158 Voice Control Basics ......13 Voice Info .......... 84 Voice Recognition ......14 Voice Recognition Feedback ..14, 101 Volume ..........

  • Page 175: Others

    Others The device complies with Part 15 of the As required by the FCC: FCC Rules. This device complies with Part 15 of Operation is subject to the following two the FCC rules. Operation is subject conditions: to the following two conditions: (1) (1) This device may not cause harmful This device may not cause harmful interference, and...

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