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American Audio Q-2411 User Manual And Reference Manual Page 9

American audio mixer user manual q-2411.
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each channel. Each channel may only be assigned one input source at a time. This switch must be in
the "phono" position for turntable operation.
5. MASTER OUTPUT BALANCE CONTROL - This knob is used to control the pan, adjust how much
of the signal is sent to the left and right output level. For true stereo imaging, maintain the knob in the
12 o' clock position.
6. POWER SWITCH - This is the main power ON/OFF button. A red LED next to the power switch will
glow when power is ON. Before you turn the power on be sure you have made all connections to the
mixer. Also be sure you amplifiers are turned off. Remember mixer on first and turned off last.
7. MASTER VOLUME LEVEL INDICATORS - The dual MASTER LEVEL LED indicators are used to
detail the master fader output level. The meters will detail the output level of both the left and right
8. 5-BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - Used to fine-tune the master output. The frequencies are as
follows: 60Hz, 250Hz, 1KHz, 4KHz, and 16KHz. They can be adjusted by +/-10 dB.
9. HEADPHONE JACK - This jack is used to connect your headphones to the mixer allowing you to
monitor the cue source. Use headphones only rated at 8 ohms to 32 ohms. Most DJ headphones are
rated at 16 ohm, these are highly recommended. Always be sure the CUE LEVEL VOLUME (12) is set
to minimum before you put the headphones on.
10. EQUALIZER SWITCH - This button is used to switch the equalizer on or off.
11. MASTER VOLUME CONTROL - This slider is used to control the master output level (main volume).
To avoid distorted output try to maintain an average output signal level no greater than +4 dB. (see
Channel Gain 2) To avoid speaker damage that may be caused by excessive volume, be sure this
slider is always set to zero (completely down) before turning the unit on.
12. CUE LEVEL VOLUME CONTROL - This knob is used to adjusts the headphone volume output
level. Turn the knob in a clockwise direction to increase the headphone volume.
13. CUE MIXING CONTROL - This functions allows you to monitor the Cue level as well as the
Program (main output) level in your headphones. A channels Cue Level may only be monitored if the
channels CUE (3) function is selected. To select a channels cue function press the CUE BUTTON
(3) that is directly associated with the specific channel you wish to monitor. You may use the mixing
function to blend both the Cue level and the Program level together. You can vary the output level
to either hear more or less of either of the two levels. Sliding the Cue Mixing fader to the CUE posi-
tion (left) will allow you to hear more of the Cue level. Sliding the knob to the PGM position (right) will
allow you to hear more of the Program level (main output). You may also use the Cue Mixing Control
to hear either the Cue level or the Program level exclusively. If the fader is in the full CUE position you
will only hear the cue level, if the fader is in the full PGM position you will only hear the main output.
This function is especially useful when mixing without an monitor.
14. CHANNEL VOLUME FADER - These faders are used to control the output signal of any source
assigned to its particular channel. However, master volume is controlled by the MASTER VOLUME
15. Q-START ON/OFF BUTTON - This function works in conjunction with a compatible American DJ
or American Audio
"Q" Start CD player. When used with a compatible CD player, you can use the
crossfader to start and stop a CD Player with the slide of the mixer's CROSSFADER (16). The ON/OFF
"Q" START BUTTTON activates the FADER "Q" START feature. When in the ON position (RED LED
WILL BE LIT), the FADER "Q" START automatically returns the CD player to the preset CUE POINT.
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