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Usage Notice; Usage Notice Precautions - Acer U5313W User Manual

User manual
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Usage Notice

Please follow all warnings, precautions and maintenance as
recommended in this user's guide.
Warning- Do not look into the projector's lens when the lamp is on. The bright
Warning- To avoid the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this projector
Warning- Please do not open or disassemble the projector as this may cause
Warning- When replacing the lamp, please allow the unit to cool down. Follow
Warning- This projector will detect the life of the lamp itself. Please be sure to
Warning- When the lamp is approaching the end of its lifetime, the message
Warning- Reset the "Clear Lamp Hours" function from the on-screen display
Warning- When switching the projector off, please ensure the cooling cycle
Warning- Do not block the light path between the light source and the lens with
English ...
light may hurt and damage your eyes.
to rain or moisture.
electric shock.
instructions as described on pages 52.
change the lamp when it shows warning messages.
"Lamp Warning: Lamp life exceeded." will show on the screen.
Please contact your local reseller or service center to change the
lamp as soon as possible.
"Options | Lamp Settings" menu after replacing the lamp module
(refer to page 34).
has been completed before disconnecting power. Allow 90 seconds
for the projector to cool down.
any objects. Doing so could cause the object to catch on fire.



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