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Asus WL-100W User Manual Page 34

Wireless local area network card for superspeed n wireless network.
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Chapter 5 - Glossary
IP (Internet Protocol)
The TCP/IP standard protocol that defines the IP datagram as the unit of
information passed across an Internet and provides the basis for connectionless
packet delivery service. IP includes the ICMP control and error message protocol
as an integral part. It provides the functional equivalent of ISO OSI Network
IP Address
An IP address is a 32-bit number that identifies each sender or receiver of
information that is sent across the Internet. An IP address has two parts: the
identifier of a particular network on the Internet and an identifier of the particular
device (which can be a server or a workstation) within that network.
ISM Bands (Industrial, Scientific, and Medicine Bands)
Radio frequency bands that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
authorized for wireless LANs. The ISM bands are located at 902 MHz, 2.400 GHz,
and 5.7 GHz.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
An organization that provides access to the Internet. Small ISPs provide service
via modem and ISDN while the larger ones also offer private line hookups (T1,
fractional T1, etc.).
LAN (Local Area Network)
A communications network that serves users within a defined geographical area.
The benefits include the sharing of Internet access, files and equipment like
printers and storage devices. Special network cabling (10 Base-T) is often used to
connect the PCs together.
MAC Address (Media Access Control)
A MAC address is the hardware address of a device connected to a network.
NAT (Network Address Translation)
NAT masks a local network's group of IP addresses from the external network,
allowing a local network of computers to share a single ISP account. This process
allows all of the computers on your home network to use one IP address. This will
enable access to the Internet from any computer on your home network without
having to purchase more IP addresses from your ISP.
NIC (Network Interface Card)
A network adapter inserted into a computer so that the computer can be connected
to a network. It is responsible for converting data from stored in the computer to the
form transmitted or received.



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