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Config - Basic - Asus WL-100W User Manual

Wireless local area network card for superspeed n wireless network.
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Config - Basic

This page enables you to change the
WLAN Card configurations.
Network Type
Infrastructure – Infrastructure means
to establish a connection with an access
point. Once connected, the access
point allows you to access wireless
LAN and wired LAN (Ethernet). The
Channel field turns to Auto if the
connection is based on Infrastructure.
Ad Hoc – Ad Hoc means to communicate directly with other wireless clients
without using an access point. An "Ad Hoc" network can be setup quickly
and easily without pre-planning, for example, sharing meeting notes between
attendants in a meeting room.
Network Name (SSID)
SSID stands for "Service Set Identifier", which is a string used to identify a
wireless LAN. Use the SSID to connect with a known access point. You can
enter a new SSID or select one from the drop-down list box. If you get connected
by designating the SSID, you are only to connect the AP with the SSID you
assigned. If the AP is removed from the network, your WLAN Card does not
roam automatically to other APs. SSIDs must all be printable characters and
having a maximum of 32 case sensitive characters, such as " Wireless".
NOTE: Set the SSID to a null string, if you wish to allow your station to
connect to any access point it can find. But you cannot use null string in
Ad Hoc mode.
The Channel field is for setting radio channel. Your WLAN Card can automatically
select the correct channel to communicate with an wireless device, and the
parameter is fixed to "Auto" in both Infrastructure and Ad Hoc mode.
The available radio channels depend on the regulations in your country. For
the United States (FCC) and Canada (IC), channel 1 to 11 are supported. For
Europe (ETSI), channel 1 to 13 are supported. For Japan (MKK), channel 1 to
14 are supported.
Click Apply to save and activate the new configurations.
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