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List Of Tools And Supplies - Honeywell DH65DG115 - TrueDRY t Dehumidifier User Manual

Dehumidification system
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Table of Contents
Installation Guide
Installation Checklist
Tools Required
- 3/8-in. hex drive
Drill or duct-cutting tool
- Wire stripper/cutter
Standard screwdriver
Duct tape
8-in. round duct and starter collar
- 18–22 gauge, 5-band thermostat wire
- 1/2-in. diameter drain line (8 ft)
- 1/2-in. drain clamps (quantity 2)
Materials Provided
- Sheet metal screws (quantity 9)
- 8-in. plastic duct collars (quantity 2)
- 1/2-in. drain p-trap (may be required by local code)
- External humidity control (only one included)
• Manual dehumidistat (H8908DSPST), Auto
Ventilation (W8150A1000)
• TrueIAQ (DG115EZIAQ)
• VisionPRO IAQ (YTH9421C1010)
WARNING: Installation must be performed by a qualified service technician and must comply with local
codes. Remove power to the device before installing or servicing the device. Failure to connect the
device according to these instructions may result in damage to the device or the controls.
WARNING: Exposed internal fan may cause injury.
Ducting of the exhaust port is required.
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Table of Contents

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