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Important Safety Instructions - Honeywell 17007-HD Owner's Manual

True hepa allergen remover germ & particle capturing air purifier
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When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should
always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock,
and injury to persons, including the following:
1. Read all instructions before operating the air purifier.
2. Place air purifier where it is not easily knocked over by persons in the
3. Always turn the air purifier to the OFF position and unplug from the w all
outlet when not in use.
4. To disconnect the air purifier, first turn control to the OFF position, grip the
plug and pull it from the wall outlet. Never pull by the cord.
5. Do not use any product with a damaged cord or plug or if product
malfunctions, is dropped or damaged in any manner. Keep the cord away
from heated surfaces.
6. Do not use air purifier outdoors.
7. Never use air purifier unless it is fully assembled.
8. Do not run power cord under carpets, and do not cover with throw rugs.
Arrange cord such that it will not be tripped over.
9. Do not use air purifier where combustible gases or vapors are present.
10. Do not expose the air purifier to rain, or use near water, in a bathroom,
laundry area or other damp location.
11. The air purifier must be used in its upright position.
12. Do not allow foreign objects to enter ventilation or exhaust opening as this
may cause electric shock or damage to the air purifier. Do not block air
outlets or intakes.
13. Locate air purifier near the outlet and avoid using an extension cord.
14. This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).
To reduce the risk of shock, this plug is intended to fit only one way in a
polarized outlet. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If
it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT attempt to defeat
this safety feature.
15. A loose fit between the AC outlet (receptacle) and plug may cause
overheating and a distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to
replace loose or worn outlet.
16. Do not sit, stand or place heavy objects on the air purifier.
17. Disconnect power supply before servicing.
WARNING: To Reduce The Risk of Fire or Electric Shock, Do Not Use This Air
Purifier With Any Solid-State Speed Control Device.

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