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3. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select SW Upgrade, and then press the
The message "Scanning for USB. This may take more than 1min." is displayed.
4. The message "Upgrade version XXXX to version XXXX? The system will be
reset after upgrade." is displayed.
Press the ◄ or ► to select the OK, and then press the
Please be careful to not disconnect the power or remove the USB drive while upgrades
are being applied. The TV will turn off and turn on automatically after completing the SW
upgrade. Please check the SW version after the upgrades are complete.
Sound Bar
y Samsung Sound-Bars and Hospitality TVs in 2013
– Samsung Sound-Bars and hospitality TVs support the ARC feature in HDMI 1.4. If you connect a compatible Samsung
Sound-Bar to a compatible Samsung hospitality TV using a single HDMI cable, guests can listen to the TV's sound
through the Sound-Bar.
– Models supporting the ARC function are listed below:
y Sound-Bars: HW-F350/F3553/FM35/F450/FM45/FM45C/F550/F551/FM55/FM55C/F750/F751
y Setting the Sound-Bars to Hotel Mode.
1. Set the following Hotel menu options:
– Hotel option > External Device > Sound Bar Out = On.
– Hotel option > Power On > Power On Volume EN = User Defined.
– Hotel option > Power On > Power On Volume > Set greater than 0.
– Hotel option > Power On > Max Volume > Set greater than 0.
2. Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT jack on the back of Sound-Bar to the HDMI3 port (supporting ARC) on
the hospitality TV.
3. After the Sound-Bar is connected to the hospitality TV, when the TV turns on, the Sound-Bar automatically detects the
TV, and then automatically switches to Hotel Mode.
Sound Bar Hotel mode functional characteristics:
y Power On/Off is synchronized with the TV
y HDMI_CEC defaults to On
y Functions through the "HDMI OUT" port only
y Disables the "Input mode" key on the VFD to prevent unexpected audio-source changes.
y Acquires adjustable Power On and Max Volume settings from the TV's Hotel option menu. The Sound-Bar's Power
On Volume and Max Volume values, however, are ½ of the Power On Volume and Max Volume settings in the TV's
Hotel option menu. Example: If the TV's Power On Volume=20 and Max Volume=90, then the Sound Bar's Power
On Volume=10 and Max Volume=45.
Change PIN
The Change PIN screen will appear. Choose any 4 digits for your PIN and enter them in the Enter New PIN fields. Re-
enter the same 4 digits in the Confirm New PIN fields. When the Confirm screen disappears, select Close. The TV has
memorized your new PIN.
▪ How to watch a restricted program or movie
If the TV is tuned to a restricted program or movie, the Program Rating Lock will block it. The screen will go blank and a
popup message appears. Enter the PIN to unblock the program or movie using your remote.
If you forget the PIN code, press the remote control buttons in the following sequence in Standby mode:
→ P (power on). This resets the PIN to "0- 0-0-0".
(HDD 5V 1A)
(HDD 5V 1A)
(HDD 5V 1A)


Table of Contents

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