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Samsung HG46NB890XF Installation Manual Page 34

890 series.
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Multi Code Remocon
A Multi Code Remocon is a special remote which is designed to control multiple TV.
This is useful where there is more than one TV in a location.
You can control up to 10 TVs, each with a different ID code, with one remote. ID numbers are displayed on each TV's OSD.
The Initial ID code for each TV is "0".
– You can set and reset the ID code in Analog TV mode or PC mode. (Not available in DTV mode.)
– You can set the ID code to any digit from 0 to 9.
– To set a TV's ID code, follow these steps:
1. Aim the remote at the TV, and then press the Blue button on the remote for more than 7 seconds. The TV displays
the current ID in the middle of the screen and displays the words. "Remote control code is set to x. If you want to
change the Remote control code, enter the digit you want to change."
2. Press the number on the remote you want to assign to the TV. The TV displays the following words:
"Remote control code is changed to x."
The TV will display the OSD until you press the Exit button.
See the example below.
Remote control code is set to 0. If you want
to change the Remote control code, enter chosen digit.
Example: After you see the message above, if you press 1, the TV and Remote will be set to ID code 1. The TV then
displays the following message: "Remote control code is changed to 1"
The TV can then only be controlled by a remote which has the same ID code (1).
– If the ID code of the remote and TV do not match, the TV displays the following message:
" TV ID x"(x is the TV's ID)
– To reset the ID code, press the Yellow button for more than 7 seconds. The ID codes of the TV and Remote are reset to
"0". "Remote control code is set to 0." appears on the TV.


Table of Contents

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