Python 660XP Owner's Manual

Python car security owners guide.
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    6 6 6 6 0 0 X X P P ➤ O O w w n n e e r r ’ ’ s s G G u u i i d d e e...

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    l l i i m m i i t t e e d d l l i i f f e e t t i i m m e e c c o o n n s s u u m m e e r r w w a a r r r r a a n n t t y y Directed Electronics, Inc.

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  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    t t a a b b l l e e o o f f c c o o n n t t e e n n t t s s L L i i m m i i t t e e d d L L i i f f e e t t i i m m e e C C o o n n s s u u m m e e r r W W a a r r r r a a n n t t y y ..............i i S S t t a a n n d d a a r r d d T T r r a a n n s s m m i i t t t t e e r r C C o o n n f f i i g g u u r r a a t t i i o o n n .

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    s s t t a a n n d d a a r r d d t t r r a a n n s s m m i i t t t t e e r r c c o o n n f f i i g g u u r r a a t t i i o o n n controls the A A r r m m function.

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    w w h h a a t t i i s s i i n n c c l l u u d d e e d d ➤ One control module ➤ A pair of four-button transmitters ➤ A Stinger® Doubleguard® dual-stage shock sensor ➤...

  • Page 7: System Maintenance, Your Warranty, Fcc/id Notice

    ➜ system maintenance The system requires no specific maintenance. Your remote control is powered by a small, lightweight 3 volt lithium battery that will last approximately one year under normal use. When the battery weakens, operating range will be reduced and the LED on the remote will dim.

  • Page 8: Standard Configuration

    t t r r a a n n s s m m i i t t t t e e r r f f u u n n c c t t i i o o n n s s This system uses a computer-based learn routine to learn the transmitter buttons.

  • Page 9: Active Arming

    Buttons An optional auxiliary convenience or expansion function that you have added to your system can be activated by pressing these buttons simultaneously. The auxiliary output controls_________________________. u u s s i i n n g g y y o o u u r r s s y y s s t t e e m m The buttons used in the instructions in this manual correspond to the standard configuration.

  • Page 10: Passive Arming

    ➜ passive arming The system also can be programmed to arm itself automatically (called passive arming). If the system is programmed for passive arming, it will automatically arm 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off and the system "sees" you leave the vehicle by opening and closing a door.

  • Page 11: Multi-level Security Arming

    chirping the siren and flashing the parking lights. Three seconds later, the siren output changes to a continuous blast. This progressive response gives you time to disarm the sys- tem with your transmitter if you inadvertently open the door while the system is armed, while still providing an instant response (even if the door is immediately closed).

  • Page 12: Arming While Driving

    three times followed by a long chirp. Zone 4 is now bypassed. ➤ Press a fourth time within five seconds: The siren chirps four times followed by a long chirp. Zones 2 and 4 are now bypassed. ➤ Press a fifth time within five seconds: The siren chirps five times followed by a long chirp.

  • Page 13: Disarming, High Security Disarm

    note: If programmed for the optional Vehicle Recovery System (VRS®) feature, arming with the transmitter will arm the VRS® feature. (See Vehicle Recovery System® section of this guide.) ➜ disarming To disarm the system, press . You will hear two chirps, and the parking lights will flash twice.

  • Page 14: Disarming Without A Transmitter

    ➜ disarming without a transmitter This feature allows you to disarm the security system without the remote transmitter should it be lost, damaged, or disabled. In order to disarm the system without a remote transmitter, you must have the vehicle’s ignition key and know where the Valet button is located.

  • Page 15: Silent Mode, Panic Mode

    ➜ silent mode To temporarily turn off the arm or disarm chirps, use Silent Mode™. Simply press for less than one second before arming or disarming, and the confirmation chirp(s) will be elim- inated for that one operation only. If you want the arm/disarm chirps turned off permanently, your dealer can do this for you.

  • Page 16: Valet Mode

    ➜ valet mode You can prevent your security system from automatically arming and triggering by using Valet Mode. This is very useful when washing the vehicle or having it serviced. In Valet Mode, the security system will not arm, even with the remote transmitter, but all convenience functions (door locks, trunk release, etc.) will continue to work normally.

  • Page 17: Nuisance Prevention® Circuitry

    ➜ nuisance prevention® circuitry Your system has Directed’s Nuisance Prevention Circuitry ® (NPC ). It prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences due to ® faulty door pin switches or environmental conditions such as thunder, jackhammers, airport noise, etc. Example If the alarm triggers three times within a 60-minute period and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, NPC will ®...

  • Page 18: Arming Diagnostics

    d d i i a a g g n n o o s s t t i i c c s s The microprocessor at the heart of your security system is constantly monitoring all of the switches and sensors that are connected to it.

  • Page 19: Disarming Diagnostics, System Status Chirps

    ➜ disarming diagnostics Extra disarm chirps are the Tamper Alert. If four chirps are heard when disarming, the system was triggered in your absence. If five chirps are heard, a zone was triggered so many times that Nuisance Prevention Circuitry has bypassed that zone. The status LED will ®...

  • Page 20: Table Of Zones, Interpreting Zone Diagnostics

    ➜ table of zones The zone number is the number of LED flashes used by the system to identify that input. The standard input assignments are listed below, along with spaces to write in any optional sensors or switches you have had installed. Zone - Number Dealer-Installed of LED Flashes...

  • Page 21

    note: Your system stores the last two triggered zones in memory. If your system has been triggered but the LED has been reset by turning on the ignition, your dealer can still recall the last two zones that were triggered. Contact your dealer for details.

  • Page 22

    h h i i g g h h f f r r e e q q u u e e n n c c y y Your system transmits and receives at 434 MHz. This provides a cleaner spectrum with less interference and a more stable signal. Enjoy a phenomenal increase in range –...

  • Page 23

    r r a a p p i i d d r r e e s s u u m m e e l l o o g g i i c c This Directed system will store its current state to non-volatile memory.

  • Page 24

    p p r r o o g g r r a a m m m m i i n n g g o o p p t t i i o o n n s s Programming options control what your system does during normal operation, and require few or no additional parts.

  • Page 25

    note: When programmed for passive arming and active lock, if the system is disarmed without a door being opened, the system will relock the doors when it passive- ly rearms. ➤ Panic mode e e n n a a b b l l e e d d /disabled with the ignition on: Some states have laws against siren capability in a moving vehicle.

  • Page 26

    AED feature by turning the ignition key to the RUN posi- tion and pressing the Valet button the programmed number of times. AED is disabled when the system is in Valet Mode. note: This feature will only function if the Failsafe® Starter Kill relay has been installed.

  • Page 27

    ➤ Valet pulse count: The number of presses of the Valet button required to disarm the security system, AED, or the VRS ® system can be programmed from one to five presses. The default setting is o o n n e e press. ➤...

  • Page 28

    ® ® v v e e h h i i c c l l e e r r e e c c o o v v e e r r y y s s y y s s t t e e m m ( ( v v r r s s The optional VRS feature is designed to ensure that any unau- ®...

  • Page 29: Arming The Vrs, Vrs® Triggered Sequence

    ➜ arming the vrs ® To arm the VRS , turn the ignition to the ON position and press ® the arm button on the remote transmitter for one second. The parking lights will flash and the siren will chirp once. This can be done before driving or while driving the vehicle.

  • Page 30: Disarming The Vrs

    after the siren chirps begin, the siren’s output will Fifteen seconds change to a continuous blast. From this point on, when the ignition key is turned off, the VRS ® will immediately turn on the starter kill. This will prevent the vehicle from being restarted, thus immobilizing it at that spot.

  • Page 31

    If the system has entered the triggered sequence (siren has begun chirping), pressing the disarm button of the transmitter will not disarm VRS . To disarm the VRS during a VRS trigger ® ® ® sequence: 1. Turn the ignition on. 2.

  • Page 32

    : A physical connection to the system. An input can be Input provided by a sensor, pinswitch or through an existing system in the vehicle, such as ignition or courtesy lights. : Red light mounted somewhere in the vehicle. It is used to indicate the status of your system.

  • Page 33

    : A zone is a separate input that the alarm can recognize as Zone unique. Each input to the system is connected to a particular zone. Two or more inputs often share the same zone. s s e e c c u u r r i i t t y y & & c c o o n n v v e e n n i i e e n n c c e e e e x x p p a a n n s s i i o o n n s s Here we have listed only some of the many expansion options available.

  • Page 34

    whenever the windshield wipers are used. A transmitter function can also be used to turn on your parking and headlights for a programmed time. The channel two output of the system can Power Trunk Release: operate a factory power release for the vehicle’s trunk or hatch. (An additional relay may be required.) If the factory release is not power activated, then Directed's 522T trunk release solenoid can often be added.

  • Page 36: Quick Reference Guide

    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE To arm using your remote You can activate, or arm, the system by pressing on your transmitter for one ➤ second. When the system arms, you will hear a short siren sound, or chirp, and the parking lights will flash once. If the vehicle’s power door locks have been connected to the system, the doors will lock.

  • Page 38

    The company behind this system is Directed Electronics, Inc. Since its inception, Directed has had one purpose, to provide consumers with the finest vehicle security and car stereo products and accessories available. The recipient of more than 20 patents in the field of advanced electronic technology, Directed is ISO 9001 registered.

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