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Operating Environment - Pioneer PDA-V100HD User Manual

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STANDBY/ON switch on this unit will not
completely shut off all power from the AC outlet.
Since the power cord serves as the main disconnect
device for the unit, you will need to unplug it from
the AC outlet to shut down all power. Therefore,
make sure the unit has been installed so that the
power cord can be easily unplugged from the AC
outlet in case of an accident. To avoid fire hazard,
the power cord should also be unplugged from the
AC outlet when left unused for a long period of time
(for example, when on vacation).
This equipment is not waterproof. To prevent a fire
or shock hazard, do not place any container filed
with liquid near this equipment (such as a vase or
flower pot) or expose it to dripping, splashing, rain
or moisture.
This product complies with the Low Voltage Directive
2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.
This product equipped with a three-wire grounding
(earthed) plug - a plug that has a third (grounding)
pin. This plug only fits a grounding-type power
outlet. If you are unable to insert the plug into an
outlet, contact a licensed electrician to replace the
outlet with a properly grounded one. Do not
defeat the safety purpose of the grounding plug.

Operating Environment

Operating environment temperature and humidity:
+0 ºC to +40 ºC (+32 ºF to +104 ºF); less than 85 %RH
(cooling vents not blocked)
Do not install this unit in a poorly ventilated area, or in
locations exposed to high humidity or direct sunlight (or
strong artificial light)
The following symbols are found on labels attached
to the product. They alert the operators and service
personnel of this equipment to any potentially
dangerous conditions.
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice
which can result in personal injury or property
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice
which can result in severe personal injury or death.
To prevent a fire hazard, do not place any naked
flame sources (such as a lighted candle) on the
When installing this unit, make sure to leave space
around the unit for ventilation to improve heat
radiation. For the minimum space required, see
page 12.
Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for
ventilation to ensure reliable operation of the
product, and to protect it from overheating. To
prevent fire hazard, the openings should never be
blocked or covered with items (such as
newspapers, table-cloths, curtains) or by operating
the equipment on thick carpet or a bed.
the main power flow is cut and the unit is no
longer fully operational.
STANDBY Indicator:
indicator lights red, the unit is in the standby
Power ON indicator:
indicator lights blue, the unit is in the power on
When placed into the standby mode,
When the STANDBY
When the power ON


Table of Contents

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