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Charging Your Sonicare - Philips FlexCare 900 series User Manual

Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
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Pull the colour code ring from the bottom of the brush head.

Slip one edge of the new ring over the bottom of the brush head.
Then press down on the other side to snap the ring in place.
Attaching the brush head
Align the brush head so the bristles face the front of the handle.

Firmly press the brush head down on the metal shaft until it stops.
Note: There is a small gap between the colour code ring and the handle.

charging your sonicare

Plug the charger or sanitiser into a wall socket.

Place the handle on the charger or sanitiser.
The flashing light on the battery gauge indicates that the toothbrush
is charging.
Deluxe recharge gauge:
Indicates the amount of charge left in the battery
3 green LEDs: 75-100%
2 green LEDs: 50-74%
1 green LED: 25-49%
1 flashing yellow LED: less than 25%
Note: If the battery charge of your Sonicare is low, you hear 3 beeps and 1
LED on the recharge gauge flashes yellow for 30 seconds.
Note: To keep the battery fully charged, we recommend that you keep your
Sonicare on the charger or sanitiser when not in use. It takes at least 24 hours
to charge the battery fully.

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