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Registering To The "Lumix Club; Acquiring A New Login Id; About The [Lumix Club] - Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 Owner's Manual

Panasonic digital cameras owner's manual
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Registering to the "LUMIX CLUB"

About the [LUMIX CLUB]

Acquire a "LUMIX CLUB" login ID (free).
If you register this unit to the "LUMIX CLUB", you can synchronize images between the
devices you are using, or transfer these images to web services.
Use the "LUMIX CLUB" when uploading pictures to web services or external AV device.
You can set the same "LUMIX CLUB" login ID for this unit and a smartphone/tablet.
Refer to the "LUMIX CLUB" site for details.
Please note:
The service may be suspended due to regular maintenance or unexpected troubles, and
the service contents may be changed or added, without prior notice to the users.
The service may be stopped in whole or in part with a reasonable period of advance notice.
Acquiring a new login ID ([New account])
Select the menu.
[MENU] > [Setup]>[Wi-Fi]>[Wi-Fi Setup]>[LUMIX CLUB]
Select [Add/Change Account].
Select [New account].
Connect to the network. Proceed to the next page by
selecting [Next].
A confirmation screen will be displayed if a login ID has
already been acquired for the camera. Select [Yes] to
acquire a new login ID, or [No] if you do not need to acquire
a new login ID.
Select the method for connecting to a wireless access point, and set.
Refer to
A setting screen will be displayed only when connecting for the first time. Once you set the
connection method, it will be saved on this unit and used when connecting the next time.
To change the wireless access point you want to connect to, press [DISP.], and change
the connection destination.
for details.

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Table of Contents

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