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HP Designjet L25500 Troubleshooting Manual: The Printer Is Not Printing; The Software Program Slows Down Or Stalls While Generating The Print Job; The Printer Seems Slow

Hp l25500 printer series maintenance and troubleshooting guide.
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The printer is not printing

Possible reasons why a file you have sent from your computer is not printing when expected, include
the following:
There may be a problem with the electrical power. If the printer is not performing and the front
panel does not respond, check that the power switch at the rear is on, the residual current circuit
breakers are up, the power cable is correctly connected, and the electrical socket is providing
Unusual electromagnetic phenomena may exist, such as strong electromagnetic fields or
severe electrical disturbances. Such occurrences can cause the printer to behave strangely, or
even stop working. Turn off the printer by using the
the electromagnetic environment has returned to normal, then turn the printer on again. If the
problems persist, call your service representative.
One of the following substrate scenarios may exist:
The substrate name that appears on the front panel does not reflect the substrate that is
loaded in the printer.
There is not a sufficient amount of substrate on the loaded roll to print the entire job.
Under these conditions, one print job might be printed, while another print job is held in the print
queue. To resolve this issue, unload the roll from the printer and load a new roll, using the front
panel to guide you through the process.
The software program slows down or stalls while
generating the print job
Large quantities of data might be necessary to generate a high-quality large-format print job. This
can cause your software program to slow down significantly or stall. Lowering the print resolution
may help to avoid this scenario, however, lowering the print resolution reduces image quality.

The printer seems slow

Here are some possible explanations.
If you request the highest possible print quality in the RIP, printing will be relatively slow
compared with draft-quality printing.
Check that the substrate loaded in the printer belongs to the substrate family that appears on
the front panel.
Is your printer connected to a network? Check that all components used in the network (network
interface cards, hubs, routers, switches, and cables) are capable of high-speed operation. Is
there a lot of traffic from other devices on the network?
Are the printheads in good condition? Printing time tends to increase when a printhead needs
cleaning. Check the printhead status on the front panel or through the Embedded Web Server.
Clean or replace printheads if necessary.
Does your image contain high-density black fills? That may increase printing time.
See also the information about printer states in the User's guide.
Chapter 8 Troubleshoot other issues
button on the front panel, wait until


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