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Honeywell DY-012 Series Owner's Manual page 2

Honeywell fan owner's manual
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NOTE: Remove all contents from the box being careful not to discard
the manual and hardware needed for assembly. A phillips head screw
driver (
) is required for assembly and is not included with the fan
A. Base Assembly
• Gently turn the fan upside down.
• Place the power cord through the recessed channel located in the
center of the rear base assembly (Fig 1).
• Align the rear and front base assembly and firmly snap together by
pushing the 4 round extrusion into the adjacent circles of the
connecting pieces (Fig 2).
B. Securing the Tower Fan to the Base
• Using the 3 (M5 x 12) screws and phillips head screw driver (
secure the base into the bottom portion of the fan housing by
aligning the 3 screw holes on the base with the 3 screw holes on
the bottom of the fan housing (Fig 3).
• Gently pull any slack out of the power cord and place the cord
securely in the power cord
holding bracket (Fig. 4).
• Place the fan right side up.
Your fan is now ready
for use.
• Be sure your fan is in the
OFF position by pressing
the off button. (
• Place the fan on a level and
dry surface.
• Plug the power cord into a
polarized 120 Volt AC wall
• To operate, press the
appropriate speed control
option: High (
), Medium (
• To activate or disengage the fan oscillation, press the oscillation button (
• To turn the fan OFF (
10:47 AM
Fig. 3
Fig. 5
), or Low (
) press the Off button once.
Page 2
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Fig. 6
) (Fig. 5).
) (Fig 6).

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