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Picture Cd & Mp3 Cd Playback; Function Introduction; Basic Playback; Auto Playback - Philips DVD733 User Manual

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Function introduction

This player can playback JPEG format pictures
and MP3 files and especially can be compatible
with Kodak Picture CD.
Picture CD is a disc with the collection of JPEG
format pictures, as customers prefer, and all
extension filename should be ended with 'JPG'.
The CD can be burned on every computer, and
pictures maybe from digital camera or scanner. If
the customers prefer, they may make this CD
become a Digital Album.
For playing this Digital Album (picture CD)
conveniently, our DVD player can
Playback pictures one by one automatically.
Display the picture customer preferred.
Zoom the picture.
Rotate the picture.
Flip the picture vertically or horizontally.
Control the playback speed.
Album and track selection.
Repeat (disc / album / track / picture).
Nested directory levels supported to 8 levels.
Maximum album numbers possible is 32.
Maximum MP3 Tracks Programmable is 96.

Basic playback

At the state of "NO DISC", press the SYSTEM
MENU key to open the setup menu.
Press the 3 4 key to highlight the PREFERENCE
Press OK to open the PREFERENCE menu.
Press the 3 4 to highlight the SMART NAV
Press OK to open the menu.
Press the 2 key to enter the menu.
Press the 3 4 key to highlight the NO MENU
or WITH MENU item.
NO MENU: playback all images in sequence
automatically, and MP3 musics will be played
prior to pictures.
WITH MENU:playback images in the selected
Press the OK key to confirm your selection.
Picture CD & MP3 CD Playback
The special function during playback:

Auto playback

After you open one picture, the player can
playback each file in sequence automatically.

Selection playback

Press the numerical key to select your favourite
file directly.
In the JPEG playback menu, press the 1 2 3 4
key to select the folder you want and press the
OK to open it.
Press the 1 2 3 4 key to highlight your
favourite file and press the OK key to confirm.

Preview function

Press the PREVIEW key at the STOP mode. You
will see nine pieces of minified pictures on the
Press the 2™ or ¡1 key to display the next or
the previous nine-picture-preview.
Press the 1 2 3 4 key to highlight one of them
and press the OK to display.

Playback with multi-angles

When displaying one picture on TV screen
Press the 3 4 1 key to get different effects.
3 key: Flip the picture vertically.
4 key: Flip the picture horizontally.
1 key: rotate the picture anti-clockwise.

Playback Speed Control

Press the 2 key to adjust the playing back speed.

Zoom picture

Press the ZOOM key to display the picture with
different scales.
Press the 1 2 3 4 key to view the rest of the
zoomed picture.
Picture CD & MP3 CD Playback Note:
- If you want to switch MP3 musics or pictures
during automatical playback, please press the
valid number as showed on the TV screen after
the DVD player indexed the MP3 musics and
pictures included in the loaded disc.
- Proper playing back of CD-R for Picture CD and
MP3 files is dependent on various factors like
physical properties of the blank CD-R used, type
of CD Writer used etc. Therefore in order to
ensure proper playing back of your favorite
pictures (Jpeg) and music album (MP3), we
recommend that your disc contains at least about
60~100 pictures or 20~30 MP3 musics before
using it on the player."
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