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Engine oil consumption
Max engine oil consumption is usually 400
grams every 1000 km.
During the initial period of use the engine
settles, therefore engine oil consumption
may be considered stabilised only after the
first 5000 ÷ 6000 km.
IMPORTANT Engine oil consumption de-
pends on the way of driving and the condi-
tions of use of the car.
Used engine oil and filter
contain harmful substances
for the environment. Con-
tact Alfa Romeo Authorised Ser-
vices to have the oil and the filter
changed, as they are equipped to
dispose of the waste oil and filters
respecting nature and the law.
(fig. 8)
The Selespeed transmission oil should be
checked with the car on a level surface and
with the engine stopped and cold.
To check the level, proceed as follows:
– turn the ignition key to MAR;
– disconnect the breather tube and re-
move the cap (A) checking that the level
corresponds with the MAX mark on the dip-
stick integrated with the cap;
– if the oil is below the MAX mark, top
up to reach the correct level;
– after refitting the cap, insert the breather
tube firmly on the housing on the cap and
turn the ignition to STOP.
fig. 8
Do not add oil with spec-
ifications other than that
already in the gearbox.
Used gearbox oil contains
dangerous substances for
the environment. For chang-
ing the oil we advise contacting Al-
fa Romeo Authorised Services who
are equipped for disposing of used
oil respecting nature and the law.
Be very careful working in-
side the engine compart-
ment if the engine is hot: danger of
burns. Remember that the fan may
cut in if the engine is very hot: dan-
ger of injury.


Table of Contents

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