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Vacation And Moving Care; Energy Saving Tips - Haier HMCM148PA User Manual

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Vacation and Moving Care

• For long vacations or absences, empty food from the freezer and turn the
temperature control knob to the OFF position. Unplug the freezer. Clean the
interior and exterior, including the door gaskets, according to the General
Cleaning instructions above. Prop the doors open so that air can circulate
inside, and to avoid the possible formation of condensation, mold and odors.
• When moving, remove all food from the freezer; turn the temperature control
knob to the OFF position. Unplug the freezer. Securely tape down all loose
items inside your freezer and tape the doors shut. Be sure to move the freezer
in the upright position. Do not move with the unit lying down. Possible damage
to the sealed system may occur.

Energy Saving Tips

• The freezer should be located in the coolest area of the room, away from
heat-producing appliances or heating ducts, and out of direct sunlight.
• Let hot foods cool to room temperature before placing in the freezer.
Overloading the freezer forces the compressor to run longer. Foods that freeze
too slowly may lose quality or spoil.
• Be sure to wrap foods properly, and wipe containers dry before placing them
in the freezer. This cuts down on frost buildup inside the freezer.
• The freezer basket should not be lined with aluminum foil, wax paper, or
paper towels. Liners interfere with cold air circulation, making the freezer
less efficient.
• Organize and label food to reduce door openings and extended searches.
Remove as many items as needed at one time, and close the door as soon
as possible.


Table of Contents

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