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Food Storage Information; Normal Operating Sounds - Haier HMCM148PA User Manual

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• When draining is complete, wipe the interior of the freezer with a soft cloth and
replace the interior and exterior drain plugs. Plug in the power cord back into
the electrical outlet.
• Turn the Fast Freeze switch on for a minimum of two hours and then turn off.
• Reset the temperature control to the desired setting.
• Return the food to the freezer.

Food Storage Information

This freezer is designed for the long-term storage of freezer food. Storage time is
up to three months.
• The storage life of frozen foods varies and the recommended storage time
should not be exceeded. Follow package or container instructions for proper
food storage.
• Place frozen food into the freezer as quickly as possible after purchase.
• The freezer door is susceptible to breaking due to excessive frost buildup. Be
sure to defrost when the ice reaches 1/4" thick.
• Wipe containers dry and close containers tightly before storing to avoid
needless spills.
• Hot food should be allowed to cool before storing in the freezer. This will
prevent unnecessary energy use.
• When storing meats, keep in the original packaging or rewrap as necessary.
• Proper freezer storage requires correct packaging. All foods must be in
packages that do not allow the flow of air or moisture in or out. Improper
storage will result in odor and taste transfer and will result in the drying out of
the improperly packaged food.
• Packaging recommendations:
Plastic containers with airtight lids
Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Plastic wrap made from saran film
Self-sealing plastic bags
• Do not refreeze defrosted/thawed foods.
• It is recommended that the freezing date be marked on the packaging.
Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
• Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations that are the result of the
refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils.
• The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.


Table of Contents

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