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Frigidaire 316417024 Use & Care Manual page 10

Es100 control with coil surface elements
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Cleaning the Oven Bottom
The bake element is designed to be gently tilted up using your hand from the front of
the bake element. This will allow easier access to the oven bottom for cleaning. Be
careful not to raise the element more than 4 or 5 inches from the resting position.
Care & Cleaning of Stainless Steel
Some models are equipped with stainless steel exterior parts. Special care and
cleaning are required for maintaining the appearance of stainless parts. Please
refer to the Cleaning Chart provided at the beginning of the General Care &
Cleaning section in this Use & Care Manual.
Changing the Interior Oven Light (some models)
On some models, the oven light automatically turns on when the door is opened. Some models
have a switch located on the control panel to turn on the light. The oven light is located at the
rear of the oven.
To replace the oven light:
1. Turn electrical power off at the main source or unplug the range.
2. Replace bulb with a new 40 watt appliance bulb.
3. Turn power back on again at the main source (or plug the range back in).
4. The clock will then need to be reset. To reset, see Setting Oven Controls in this Use &
Care Manual.
Be sure the range is unplugged and all parts are COOL before replacing oven
light. Wear a leather-faced glove for protection against possible broken glass.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
General Care & Cleaning
Removing & Replacing the Oven Door
The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the
inside of the door facing down.
To Remove Oven Door:
1. Open oven door completely (horizontal with floor - See Fig. 1).
2. Remove 2 screws located on the inside of the oven door liner (See A Fig. 2)
3. Insert the 2 screws into the door hinge holes located on the side of the hinge arm,
one into each hinge (See B Fig. 2).
4. Close oven door until the door stops, (Do not force the door to close any further). The
placement of these screws should keep door open in about a 45 degree position.
5. Grasp oven door firmly on both sides and slide door up and off hinges at the same
angle. (See Fig. 3)
6. To clean oven door, follow the instructions provided in the Cleaning Chart at the
beginning of the Care & Cleaning section (See Door Liner).
To Replace Oven Door:
1. Be sure the hinge arms remain at the 45 degree angle position. Be sure the screws
are still locking the hinge arms from moving. If the screws fall out of the hinge holes,
the hinge(s) may snap back against the oven frame and could pinch fingers or chip
the porcelain finish on the oven front frame.
2. Hold door at the sides near the top while resting the lower front of door on your knee.
Insert the door channels at the bottom of door over the door hinges, (See Fig. 3).
3. Allow the door to slide down into the door hinges evenly at the same 45 degree
angle. The hinge arms should be inserted into the bottom corners as far as they can
4. Open door completely (horizontal with floor) and remove both screws from holes in
door hinges.
5. Reinstall the 2 screws into the door liner (See C Fig. 2).
6. If the door is not in alignment with the oven frame, remove door & repeat the above
The baking
may be tilted
about 4 or 5
inches to
clean the



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