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Frigidaire 318200964 Use & Care Manual page 18

Frigidaire wall oven use & care guide
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care & cleaning
Non Self-Clean Oven
Porcelain has a smooth finish and is a type of glass fused
to metal. Oven cleaners can be used on all interior oven
Remove spillovers and heavy soiling as soon as
possible. Regular cleaning will reduce the number
of major cleaning later.
Adhere to the following cleaning precautions:
• Allow the oven to cool before cleaning.
• Wear rubber gloves when cleaning the appliance
General Cleaning
Remove soils using hot, soapy water. Do not allow food
spills with a high sugar or acid content (such as milk,
tomatoes, saukerkraut, fruit juices or pie filling) to remain
on the surface as they may cause a dull spot even after
To Remove Heavy Soil:
1. Allow a dish of ammonia to sit in the oven overnight
or for several hours with the oven door closed. Clean
softened spots using hot, soapy water. Rinse well with
water and a clean cloth.
2. If soil remains, use a soap-filled scouring pad or a
nonabrasive cleaner. If necessary, use an oven cleaner
following manufacturer's instructions. DO NOT mix
ammonia with other cleaners.
3. Clean any soil from the oven frame, the door liner
outside the oven door gasket and the small area at the
front center of the oven bottom. Clean with hot, soapy
water. Rinse well using clean water and a cloth.
Adhere to the following precautions when using
oven cleaners:
1. DO NOT spray on the electrical controls or switches
because it could cause a short circuit and result in
sparking or fire.
2. DO NOT allow a film from the cleaner to build up on
the temperature sensing bulb; it could cause the oven
to heat improperly. (The bulb is located in the rear
of the oven.) Carefully wipe the bulb clean after each
oven cleaning, being careful not to move the bulb. A
change in its position could affect how the oven bakes.
Avoid bending the bulb and capillary tube.
3. DO NOT spray any cleaner on the oven door trim or
gasket, handles or any exterior surfaces of the range,
wood or painted surfaces. The cleaner can damage
these surfaces.
(Model A)
• Ammonia must be rinsed before operating the oven.
Provide adequate ventilation.
• DO NOT line the oven walls, bottom, racks or any other
part of the appliance with aluminum foil. Doing so will
destroy heat distribution, produce poor baking results and
cause permanent damage to the oven interior (aluminum
foil will melt to the interior surface of the oven).
Cleaning the Oven Bottom
The oven bottom in non self-clean oven models can be
removed for cleaning. See "To Remove and Replace Oven
Bottom" under General Cleaning.
Clean using hot, soapy water, a mild abrasive cleanser,
a soap-filled abrasive pad or oven cleaner following
manufacturer's instructions.

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