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Installing The Casters; Installing The Beer Tap - NewAir AK-200 SERIES Owner's Manual

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you are still unsure whether the kegerator has been properly installed, we
recommend that you contact a qualified installer.
Note: Allow the kegerator to stand in an upright position for at least 8 hours
before plugging in the unit. This is very important! Once the unit is laid on its side,
the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is shifted. The refrigerant in the
refrigeration system needs to stabilize before the unit is turned on.

Installing the Casters

Follow the steps below to install the casters.
Empty the inside of the cabinet completely and lay the kegerator down on its side.
We recommend that you place a piece of cardboard or cloth underneath
the cabinet to prevent dents or scratches.
Insert the casters into the holes on the bottom corners of the cabinet. Tighten
each caster by turning the head of the bolts clockwise with a wrench. (Not
provided in the kit.)
Once all four casters have been
tightened, stand the cabinet in its
upright position.
Note: Two of the casters include locking
mechanisms to ensure the unit does not
slide on hard floors. These two locking
casters should be fastened at the front
end of the unit, with the unlocked casters
fastened on the rear end.

Installing the Beer Tap

Follow the steps below to install the beer tap.
There are notches on the bottom of the draft arm
assembly that line up with grooves inside the
opening on the top of the kegerator. Align
arm with the opening on the top of the unit, then
place inside and twist until secure. No screws are
simply lock it into place.U
black gasket for assembly. (See Illustrations C &
s11 &12
D on page
the draft
Guard Rail
se the thin
Beer Duct