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Lighting The Grill - Frigidaire Grill with Electronic Ignition Use & Care Manual

27" stainless steel outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Important! Before Lighting...
Check the gas supply line for cuts, wear or abrasion.
Always keep your face and body as far away from the grill as
possible when lighting.
Lighting the Grill with the Electronic Igniter
1. Make sure all control knobs are in the "OFF" position.
2. Open the gas supply valve located on top of your L.P. tank.
ATTENTION: When turning the L.P. tank on, make sure to
open the valve very SLOWLY two (2) complete turns to
ensure proper gas flow.
3. Always open the hood before attempting to light.
4. Push and turn one of the control knobs counterclockwise to
the "HIGH" position and immediately press the electronic
igniter button. You will hear a snapping sound. It may be
necessary to hold the electronic igniter button for about 4
seconds. (See Fig. 9)
NOTE: If the burner does not light in 4 seconds, turn the
knob to the "OFF" position and wait 5 minutes before trying
5. Repeat above steps to light remaining burners.
NOTE: If the grill will not light after several attempts see the troubleshooting section of this manual. Turn
the control knobs to the "OFF" position when not in use.

Lighting the Grill

Do not attempt to
"Light" the grill if the
odor of gas is present!!
Fig. 9

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