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Limitless Copies; Cb80 Without Hole Punch Installed (Backup Ram Data Abnormality); Cb80 With Hole Punch Installed (Backup Ram Data Abnormality) - Toshiba MJ-1028 Service Manual Addendum

Supplement to the troubleshooting section
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5. Limitless Copies

Limitless means the finisher recognizes the height of the stack rather than the number of
sets). To make this modification, set dip switch 5 to the ON position. If you make this
modification, advise the end-user of two things:
1. If many sheets are stacked, it is possible that the stacks may fall from the exit tray.
2. The paper may not stack properly in the finisher tray.

6. CB80 without hole punch installed (Backup RAM Data Abnormality)

If the machine is exhibiting CB80 without a hole punch installed perform the following
Tray Height Adjustment (MJ1027/28 Service Manual page 6-1)
Alignment Position (MJ1027/28 Service Manual page 6-1)
When replacing the finisher logic board, there are adjustments that must be performed
otherwise a CB80 error may occur, see item 13 for a list.

7. CB80 with hole punch installed (Backup RAM Data Abnormality)

In addition to the items listed in 6 above, perform Sensor Output Adjustment and Registering
the Number of Holes Adjustment. The MJ1027/28/29 Service Manual does not list these
adjustments; the adjustments are listed in the MJ1017/18 Service Manual page 8-7 (see
Figure 5).
The following adjustments should be run when changing the hole punch board or replacing
any of the sensors in the hole punch unit.



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