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Whirlpool SF372BEE W/N Service Manual page 7

Freestanding self-clean gas range
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17. Grease is flammable and should be
handled carefully. Let fat cool before at-
tempting to handle it. Do not allow grease
to collect around range or in vents. Wipe
spillovers immediately.
18. Check to be sure glass cooking utensils
are safe for use on the range. Only certain
types of glass, glass-ceramic, earthen-
ware or other glazed utensils are suitable
for ranges. Other types may break due to
the sudden change in temperature.
19. Turn pan handles inward, but not over
other burners. This will help reduce the
chance of burns, igniting of flammable
materials, and spills due to bumping the
20. Do not heat unopened containers. They
could explode. The hot contents could
cause burns and container particles could
cause injury.
Cooking Products Service Manual
July, 1996
© 1996 Whirlpool Corporation
21. Do not use decorative covers or trivets
over the surface burners.
22. Do not store things children might want
above the range. Children could be burned
or injured while climbing on range.
23. Do not touch hot burners or areas near
burners. Areas near burners become hot
enough to cause burns. During use, do
not touch or let clothing or other flam-
mable materials contact burners, or ar-
eas near burners.
24. Do not block the ventilation.
25. Never use a match or other flame to look
for a gas leak. Explosion and injury could
26. Make sure the burners are off when you
are finished, and when you are not watch-
27. Be sure all range parts are cool before
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