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Brakes; Brake Pad Wear Inspection; Brake Pad Wear Compensation - Triumph America Handbook

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Handbook - 104 pages
Handbook - 104 pages


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1. Lining material thickness
2. 1.5 mm (0.06 in) groove thickness

Brake Pad Wear Inspection

Brake pads must be inspected in accordance
requirements and replaced if worn to, or
beyond, the minimum service thickness.
If the lining thickness of any pad (front or rear
brakes) is less than 1.5 mm (0.06 in), that is, if
the pad has worn down to the bottom of the
grooves, replace all the pads on the wheel.
Maintenance and Adjustment
Brake pads must always be replaced as a
wheel set. At the front, where two calipers
may be fitted on the same wheel, replace
all the brake pads in both calipers.
Replacing individual pads will reduce
braking efficiency and may cause loss of
motorcycle control and an accident.
After replacement pads have been fitted,
ride with extreme caution until the new
pads have 'broken in'.

Brake Pad Wear Compensation

Disc and disc pad wear is automatically
compensated for and has no effect on the
brake lever or pedal action. There are no
parts that require adjustment on the front
and rear brakes.
If the brake lever or pedal feels soft when it
is applied, or if the lever/pedal travel
becomes excessive, there may be air in the
brake lines or the brake may be defective.
It is dangerous to operate the motorcycle
under such conditions and remedial action
must be taken by your authorised Triumph
dealer before riding.
Riding with defective brakes may lead to
loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


Table of Contents

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