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Degaussing The Display; Operating Environment; Storage And Shipment; Packaging - HP 16500A Service Manual

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HP 16500A/16501A - Installation

2-14. Degaussing the Display

After the HP 16500A has been used for awhile,
the CRT may become magnetized and the color or
other display data may become distorted. To
correct these problems, press the Degauss button
on the power supply rear panel several times. If
the instrument has been subjected to strong
magnetic fields, it may be necessary to degauss
the CRT with a conventional external
television-type degaussing coil or to replace the

2-15. Operating Environment

The operating environment is listed in table 1-2.
Note should be made of the non-condensing
humidity limitation. Condensation within the
instrument can cause poor operation or
malfunction. Protection should be provided
against internal condensation.
The HP 16500A/16501A will operate at all
specifications within the temperature and humidity
range given in table 1-2. However, reliability is
enhanced by operating the instrument within the
following ranges.
Temperature: +20 C to +35 C
(+68 F to +95 F)
Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing

2-16. Storage and Shipment

The instrument may be stored or shipped in
environments within the following limits:
Temperature: -40 C to +75 C
Humidity: Up to 90% at 65 C
Altitude: Up to 15,300 meters (50,000 feet)
The instrument should also be protected from
temperature extremes which cause condensation
within the instrument.

2-17. Packaging

Use the following general instructions for
repacking the instrument with commercially
available materials.
Remove the disks from the disk drives and
install the yellow shipping disks.
Wrap the instrument in heavy paper or plastic.
Use a strong shipping container. A
double-wall carton made of 350-lb test
material is adequate.
Use a layer of shock-absorbing material, 70
to 100 mm (3 to 4 inches) thick, around all
sides of the instrument to provide firm
cushioning and to prevent movement inside
the container. Protect the control panel with
Seal the shipping container securely.
Mark the shipping container FRAGILE to
ensure careful handling.
In any correspondence, refer to instrument by
model number and by full serial number.

2-18. Tagging for Service

If the instrument is to be shipped to a
Hewlett-Packard office for service or repair, attach
a tag showing the owner (with address), the
complete instrument serial number, and a
description of the service required.

2-19. Cleaning Requirements

Use mild soap and water to clean the
HP 16500A/16501A Do not use ammonia-based
products to clean the screen. Ammonia damages
the screen coating.
Clean the CRT display and surrounding area
regularly. Do not place tape or other foreign
material on the screen.
If the CRT display is not clean or if foreign
objects block the edges of the screen,
touchscreen failures can occur.
Vacuum the ventilation slots on the sides of the
instrument and on the rear-panel fan whenever
there is a visible amount of dust on them.


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