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HP 16500A Service Manual Page 114

Logic analysis system.
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Expansion Interface Card
15. Turn off the HP 16500A/16501A system, then remove the power cord from the mainframe and from
the expansion frame.
16. Remove the expansion interface card far enough to read the reference designators of the
components on the front of the card (closest to the mother board). To remove the expansion
interface card (board), refer to section 6-20, "Expansion Interface Board Replacement."
17. Connect the HP 1651B pod 1 and pod 2 probe tip assemblies to three DIP clips as shown in
figure 6-35. The HP 1651B System Configuration menu and the Format menu are the same as in
step 1 and step 2.
18. Connect the DIP clips to U1, U2, and U3 of the expansion interface card.
a. Connect the Data DIP clip (pod 1.0 through pod 1.7) to U1.
b. Connect the Address DIP clip (pod 1.8 through pod 1.15) to U2.
c. Connect the Clock and Strobe DIP clip (pod 2.0 through pod 2.4 and K CLK) to U3.
To prevent the +5 Vdc of the mainframe from shorting to ground, align pin 10
(ground) of the DIP clips with pin 10 (ground) of U1, U2, and U3.
19. Install the expansion interface card into the HP 16501A expansion frame. Connect the power cords
to the frames, then turn on the frames. Run the Expander Test. The Expander Test is accessed
the same as in step 7.
20. On the HP 1651B, select Run. The results on the HP 1651B screen should be similar to figure
6-37, with the Data and Address alternating between AA and 55 and with the Strobe showing a
hexadecimal representation of walking 0s through the data bits.
If the test results are not correct, replace the expansion interface card and reconfigure the
HP 16500A/16501A system. Then, return to the Expansion Frame Flowchart 12.
If the test results are correct, the interface components work correctly. Reconfigure the
HP 16500A/16501A system, then return to the start at Main Flowchart 1.
HP 16500A/16501A - Service


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