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Schematic Diagram Symbols - HP 8081A Operating And Service Manual

300mhz rate generator module
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Schematic Diagram Symbols
The following symbols conform, as far as possible, with
ANSI Y32.2,
No. 315 and ANSI Y32.14 (for the
logic symbols). These standards should be consulted
when further information is required.
Resistance values are in ohms, capacitance values in
microfarads and inductance values in micro henries unless
otherwise noted!
_ _ _ - J
- ---
Part of
Asterisk denotes a factory selected value. The value
shown is the nominal value.
Encloses front panel nomenclature
Encloses rear panel nomenclature
Heavy line indicates signal path
Heavy dashed line indicates primary feedback path
Wire colour code. Same as resistor colour code. First
number is wire body colour.
Wire our plug used as link.
Test point ina circuit. Point may/may not be identi-
fied on P. C. board.
Used with trimmer potentiometers or capacitors to
indicate screwdriver adjustment.
Direct connection to earth.
Ground connection to instrument chassis or frame.
Used when a number of common-return connections
are at the same potential. If there is more than one
such system in the same circu it, numbers are written
in the triangles so that all connections with the same
potential have the same number.
Specific potential difference with respect to a poten-
tial reference level, ego
Normally open toggle switch. Circles (0) are used for
the contacts to indicate a locking type switch.


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