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Switching On And Off - Miele SEB 234 L Operating Instructions Manual

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Connecting the Electrobrush
SEB 234 L - see Illustration
The long cable needs to be secured to
the suction tube and also to the suction
hose. There are nine cable clips for this
– two for securing the cable to the
suction tube (already in position)
– seven for running the cable along the
suction hose (these can be adjusted)
^ Fit the clips to the suction hose
leaving approximately the same
distance between each clip.
SEB 236
Hand-held vacuum cleaner: see
Cylinder vacuum cleaner: see
Adjusting the height
(see illustration
The Electrobrush has five settings for
adjusting the distance between the
Electrobrush and the floor. The display
shows the setting selected.
Setting 1 - closest to the floor
Setting 5 - furthest away from the floor
^ Press the foot switch repeatedly until
the required setting is reached.

Switching on and off

(see illustration
^ Press the release button to release
the connection socket. The
Electrobrush will switch on.
To switch the Electrobrush off during
vacuuming, raise the suction tube to
the vertical position. The connection
socket will then click in position.
On / Off switch on the handle
The electro-suction hose (SES) has a
switch on the handle which can be
used to switch the Electrobrush on and
off separately.
This means you can switch the Electro-
brush off during vacuuming and the
vacuum cleaner will continue to operate
using suction only. This is useful when
moving from vacuuming a fitted carpet
to a rug, for example.
Disconnecting the Electrobrush
(see illustration
^ Press the release button
the suction tube out of the
SEB 234 L you will also need to
disconnect the plug.
Multi-function indicator lamp
The indicator lamp on the Electrobrush
glows yellow when the Electrobrush is
switched on.
and pull
. If you have an