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Description Of The Appliance; Operating Instructions; How To Use The Electrobrush; Using The Electrobrush - Miele SEB 234 L Operating Instructions Manual

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Description of the appliance

(see page 92)
SEB 234 L only: cable with plugs and
cable clips
Release button
Connection socket
Release button for the connection
socket with On/Off switch
LED headlamp
Multi-function indicator lamp
Height display
Foot switch for adjusting the height

Operating instructions

These operating instructions are for the
following Electrobrushes:
1. SEB 234 L with cable including plug
and cable clips for connecting the
Electrobrush to a cylinder vacuum
2. SEB 236 which connects to a
hand-held or cylinder vacuum cleaner
without using a cable
The illustrations referred to in the text
are shown at the end of the operating

Using the Electrobrush

The Electrobrush is driven by its own
Two of the four rollers are height
adjustable to allow you to vary the
distance between the Electrobrush and
the floor to suit the type of surface
being cleaned.
The Electrobrush is particularly suitable
for intensive vacuuming of carpets
which are subject to hard wear and is
very effective at removing deep seated
dirt and preventing areas of frequent
use being trodden into a path.
The standard floorhead or one of the
Miele floorbrushes should be used for
cleaning hard floors, such as tiled or
parquet floors.
Warning: Please note that the
Electrobrush should not be used for
vacuuming deep-pile rugs and
carpets or valuable hand-knotted
rugs and carpets, e.g. Persian and
oriental rugs etc. There is a danger
of the threads being pulled out. If in
doubt, contact the carpet
It is also important to observe the
flooring manufacturer's cleaning and
care instructions.

How to use the Electrobrush

^ To achieve the best effect, pass the
Electrobrush slowly backwards and
forwards over the carpet or floor
For rugs and carpets with fringes,
always draw the Electrobrush from the
middle of the rug or carpet across the
fringe towards the floor.


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