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Ablg 200 - Miele AWG 102 Operating And Installation Manual

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ABLG 200

The ABLG 200 external motor is
designed for installation in an internal
ceiling space, e.g. loft.
^ It can installed in a vertical or
horizontal position.
^ Possible locations:
– In the attic or ceiling space
– In an adjoining room, e.g. a pantry or
– In the kitchen, if sufficient insulation
is used.
The external motor is connected to the
cooker hood by means of a control
cable and is operated by the control
panel on the cooker hood.
Please refer to the operating and
installation instructions for the
cooker hood, before installing the
external motor and ducting.
^ When positioning the external motor,
you must pay particular attention to
the direction of the ducting.
^ Mark the positions for the four motor
base plate holes on the installation
^ Place the motor to one side.
^ Drill four C 8 mm holes in the positions
marked to a depth of 30 mm.
^ Press S 8 plugs into the drill holes so
that they are flush.
^ Fit the installation mountings through
the base plate.
^ Secure the motor with the screws


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