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Climate Range; Ventilation - Miele F 7138 S Operating And Installation Manual

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Do not place any appliance which
gives off heat, such as a toaster or
microwave oven on top of this appli-
ance, as this would increase the ap-
pliance's energy consumption.
The appliance should be installed in a
dry well ventilated room.
The room temperature should not go
above or below the climate range for
which the appliance is designed. The
higher the ambient temperature of the
room the more energy the appliance re-
quires to operate. It should not be in-
stalled where it is exposed to direct
sunlight or directly adjacent to a
heat-producing appliance such as an
oven or a radiator.
The appliance is designed for a partic-
ular climate range (ambient room tem-
perature), and should not be used out-
side this range. The climate range of
this appliance is stated on the data
plate inside the appliance.
The appliance will function perfectly
down to a temperature of +5 °C.
to +32 °C
to +38 °C
to +43 °C
Air at the rear of the appliance gets
warm. To ensure sufficient ventilation
the ventilation gaps must not be cov-
ered over.
The air inlet and outlet must not be cov-
ered or blocked in any way. They
should be dusted on a regular basis.
If the door hinging does not require
changing the handle should now be fit-
ted to the door.
^ Secure handle a to the holes in the
door using the screws marked b.

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