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Packing; Freezer Calendar - Miele F 7138 S Operating And Installation Manual

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^ Place the food flat in the bottom of
the drawers or on the evaporator
plates so that it freezes through to the
core as quickly as possible.
^ Make sure that the packaging and
containers are dry to prevent them
sticking together when frozen.
When freezing, make sure that food
already frozen does not come into
contact with fresh food being frozen
as this could cause the frozen food
to begin to defrost.
The freezer calendar on the freezer
drawer gives the length of time which
various foods can be stored for effec-
Where the storage time given on the
packaging differs, follow the advice on
the packaging.
Markers serve as a reminder of how
long food has been stored.
Each freezer drawer has two slide
markers with dials. The months are rep-
resented on the dials as 1 - 12.
^ Slide the markers onto the guide run-
ners on the edge of the drawers.
Use the markers to indicate the type of
food being frozen and turn the dials to
the appropriate number to indicate the
month the food was first placed in the
Frozen food can be defrosted in differ-
ent ways:
– in the microwave oven,
– in the oven using the "Fan" or "De-
frost" setting,
– at room temperature,
– in the fridge.
should be defrosted at room tem-
perature in its packing or in a covered
still frozen. Just put straight into boiling
water or hot fat. The cooking time is
slightly less than that of fresh vegeta-
can be cooked while

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