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Temperature Display - Miele F 7138 S Operating And Installation Manual

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During normal operation the tempera-
ture display on the control panel shows
the temperature in the warmest part of
the appliance. Ranges of temperatures
rather than individual temperatures are
shown. This means that the tempera-
tures displayed are approximate.
If you have adjusted the temperature
dial in order to set a different tempera-
checking the temperature display. It will
take this long for the display to show
the accurate temperature of the freezer.
If the temperature displayed is too low
or too high, then adjust the temperature
once more.
A temperature above -18 °C is no
cause for concern in the following cir-
– when the appliance has just been
switched on,
– when the door has been left open for
a while, e.g. for removing or storing a
large amount of food,
– when fresh food is being frozen.
However, if the temperature remains
above -18 °C for a long time, check that
the frozen food has not started to de-
frost. If this is the case, check that the
food is safe to use and if it is, then use
it as soon as possible.

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