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Ventilation Grilles - Miele F 7102 S Operating And Installation Manual

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Never use cleaning agents
containing abrasive substances
such as sand, soda, acids or
chemical solvents.
"Non-abrasive" cleaning agents are
also unsuitable as they can cause
matt areas to appear.
Make sure that no water can
penetrate into the electronic unit or
into the ventilation gaps.
Never use steam cleaning
apparatus to defrost or clean the
appliance. The steam could attack
the electrical components and
cause a short circuit.
The data plate located inside the
appliance must not be removed. It
contains information which is
required in the event of a service
^ Clean the appliance immediately
after defrosting it.
^ Switch the appliance off, take any
food out of the appliance and store it
in a suitable cool place (e.g. cool box
or another freezer) and take all
freezer drawers out of the appliance.
Use lukewarm water with a little
washing up liquid. Accessories and
drawers should be hand washed only.
Do not wash in a dishwasher.
^ After cleaning wipe the outer casing,
the interior and accessories with a
damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.
Leave the door open to air the
appliance for a short while.
^ A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available
from the Miele UK Spare Parts
Department, Part Number 980 13530,
which is suitable for cleaning
surfaces such as stainless steel,
glass, plastic and chrome without the
use of chemicals.
If you are unsure about a particular
product or need further advice
please contact your nearest Miele
Sales office. See back page for
^ The ventilation grilles should be
cleaned on a regular basis with a
brush or vacuum cleaner. A build up
of dust will increase the appliances
energy consumption.



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