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Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual page 7

Deep fat fryer
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Warning and Safety Instructions
Always ensure that food is suffi-
ciently cooked or reheated.
Many factors will affect the overall cook-
ing time, including the size and amount
of food, its temperature and changes to
the recipe.
Some foods may contain micro organ-
isms which are only destroyed by thor-
ough cooking, therefore when cooking
or reheating foods, e.g. poultry, it is par-
ticulary important that the food is fully
cooked through. If in doubt select a
longer cooking or reheating time.
It is essential to ensure that food
has been evenly and sufficiently
heated, and to check that it is thor-
oughly cooked, turning during cooking
if necessary.
Frying oil should be changed after
approx. 6 to 10 batches of food
have been cooked.
Oil containing impurities is liable to
catch light.
Change the oil,
when . . .
. . . it becomes very dark and thick.
. . . it smells unpleasant and foams.
. . . the oil begins to smoke at a tem-
perature of 170°C or less.
Do not fill hot oil into plastic con-
The plastic will melt.
To protect the environment used
cooking oils and fats should be dis-
posed of with the household waste
after they have cooled down.
Oils and fats. . .
. . . should not be disposed of down
the sink.
Warning and Safety Instructions
. . . they can block up the water pipes.
. . . and can damage the walls of waste
Under no circumstances use a
steam-cleaning appliance to clean
the extractor. The steam could pene-
trate to live components and cause a
short circuit.
In countries which may be subject
to infestation by cockroaches or
other vermin, pay particular attention to
keeping the appliance and its surround-
ings in a clean condition at all times.
Any damage which might be caused
by cockroaches or other vermin will not
be covered by the appliance guarantee.
Keep these instructions in a safe
place and pass them on to any future
Disposal of discarded appliances
Before disposal of an old ap-
pliance, turn off at the mains, dis-
connect and remove the appliance
cable at both ends and render useless.
This is intended to prevent the dis-
carded appliance from being a hazard.
The manufacturer cannot be held
liable for damage caused by non-
compliance with safety instructions.



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