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Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Deep fat fryer
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Warning and Safety Instructions

Warning and Safety Instructions
This appliance complies with all rele-
vant legal safety requirements. Im-
proper use of the appliance can,
however, present a risk of both per-
sonal injury and material damage.
Before installation and before using
the appliance for the first time read
the operating instructions carefully.
They give information on safety, on
the operation and care of the ap-
pliance. This way you will avoid the
risk of accidents and damage to the
This appliance is intended for do-
mestic use.
Should it be installed for commercial
use the relevant regulations must be ob-
For safety reasons, this appliance
must only be operated as a built-in
appliance. This is necessary to ensure
that all electric components are shielded.
The electrical safety of the ap-
pliance can only be guaranteed
when continuity is complete between
the appliance and an effective earthing
system which complies with local and
national regulations. It is most import-
ant that this basic safety requirement is
regulary tested by a qualified electri-
cian. The manufacturer can not be held
responsible for the consequences of an
inadequate earthing system.
Installation work and repairs may
only be carried out by suitably
qualified and competent engineers to
ensure safety.
Repairs and other work by unqualified
persons could be dangerous.
Do not connect the appliance to the
mains electricity supply by an exten-
sion lead. Extension leads do not guaran-
tee the required safety of the appliance.
The distance between the deep fat
fryer and a cooker hood should be
at least: 650 mm.
Please ensure that the domestic
supply corresponds to the informa-
tion on the machine's data plate.
The appliance is only completely
isolated from the electricity supply
when it is switched off at the wall
socket, or the mains fuse is withdrawn.
Do not pull by the mains cable, but by
the plug when withdrawing the plug
from the socket.
The fryer should only be switched
on when the lid has been taken off
and it has been filled with oil.
Never switch on the deep fat fryer
when the heating elements are
raised. This could set fire to easily in-
flammable objects near the deep fat fryer.
Do not let small children touch the
appliance during operation. Danger
of burning. Supervise use of the deep fat
fryer by the elderly or infirm.
Never leave the deep fat fryer unat-
tended while frying is taking place.
Overheated oil or fat can catch light.
On no account should there be an
open flame in the vicinity.
When using kitchen appliances
connected to sockets near the
deep fat fryer ensure that the cable
cannot touch the hot fryer or the hot fat.
This is a fire hazard.



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