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Safety Cut-Out Switch - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Deep fat fryer
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Safety cut-out switch

Your fryer is fitted with a safety cut-out
which automatically switches it off if:
– the oil reservoir is not filled to at least
the lower level indicator.
– the fryer is switched on when empty.
– the fryer is switched on when the
heating element has been raised
(e.g. for cleaning).
The fryer has cut out automatically
when neither the heating indicator light
nor the operating indicator light is on
and the oil is no longer being heated.
Turn the control to '0' and wait until
the heating element has cooled
Rectify whatever has caused the
automatic cut-out.
Press the pin (see arrow) situated
underneath the front of the fryer in
firmly. The fryer can now be used



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