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Miele KM 456 Operating Instructions Manual: Pan Recognition

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Pan recognition

Pan recognition is an additional safety
feature. The cooking zone does not
– if a cooking zone is switched on
without a pan in place, or if the pan
is unsuitable (non-metallic material)
– if the pan is taken off the cooking
In the cooking zone display the ß
symbol will flash, alternating with the
last selected power setting or 0.
If, during 3 minutes, a suitable pan is
placed on the zone, the symbol ß will
go out and you can proceed as usual.
If a pan is not placed on the zone or if
an unsuitable pan is placed on it, the
the cooking zone or the hob will switch
off automatically after 3 minutes.
Pan recognition protects against
– unintentional switching on of a
cooking zone, e.g. by children,
– the risk of burning caused by
forgetting to switch off a zone after
removing a pan.
Pan recognition only works with metallic
pans. If you wish to cook with glass or
ceramic pans, you can switch pan
recognition off (see "Switching off pan
When a cooking zone is switched
on, any metal object placed on it will
cause pan recognition to react.
Therefore it is important to check
that you have switched off the
cooking zone when you have
finished using it.


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