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Troubleshooting (continued)
Images are not displayed correctly. (continued)
Tint in projected
images is incorrect.
Different color tint.
Only the motion areas
in the images supplied
from the computer
aren't displayed.
Projected images are
Noise appears around
the image.
Images of WXGA
signal are not
displayed correctly.
The exhaust vents
emit warm air.
The menu can't be
mark appears.
The remote control
doesn't function easily
or at all.
The buttons on the
projector (except for
the POWER button)
don't function.
When comparing images projected by two projectors, tints in the displayed images may be
different because of variation between their optical components. This is not a malfunction.
television or PC monitor, tints in the displayed images may be different because of
difference in the range of color reproducibility. This is not a malfunction.
For the method to change the output resolution of the computer, contact the
manufacturer of your computer. (See page 73.)
cases, use the projector without applying the keystone adjustment. (See page 14.)
OFF. (See page 44.)
case, decrease the setting value of OVER SCAN of the SIGNAL menu. (See page 39.)
is not a malfunction.
 Turn off the main power, wait about 10 minutes, and turn on the main power again.
temperature stays high, the lamp goes out.
 Eliminate any causes of the rise in the ambient temperature.
kept blocked, the lamp goes out.
 Remove the objects blocking the air inlet or outlet grille.
This mark appears when ineffective operation is carried out. This isn't a product malfunction.
weak. (See page 6.)
light. (See page 9.)
and 60.)
connected to the REMOTE 1 IN terminal. (See page 61.)
When the terminal cover is attached, remote control may not work properly from
behind the projector.
 Remove the terminal cover.
enable the password lock.
 Cancel the password lock or contact the person in charge of management of the
projector. (See page 56.)
connected to the REMOTE 1 IN terminal. (See page 61.)


Table of Contents

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