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Important safeguards (continued)
Unplug immediately if there is something
wrong with your projector.
Do not operate if smoke, strange noise or odor comes
out of your projector. It might cause fire or electric
shock. In this case, unplug immediately and contact
your dealer.
Never remove the cabinet.
This projector contains high voltage circuitry. An
inadvertent contact may result in an electric shock.
Except as specifically explained in the User Manual do
not attempt to service this product by yourself. Please
contact your dealer when you want to fix, adjust or
inspect the projector.
Do not modify this equipment.
It can lead to fire or electric shock.
Do not keep using the damaged projector.
If the projector is dropped and the cabinet is
damaged, unplug the projector and contact your
dealer for inspection. It may lead to fire if you keep
using the damaged projector.
Do not face the projector lens to the sun.
It can lead to fire.
Use correct voltage.
If you use incorrect voltage, it can lead to fire.
Do not connect multiple electrical appliances
to a single wall outlet.
It can lead to fire.
Do not extend the power cord.
It can lead to fire.
Do not place the projector on uneven surface.
Place the projection on a leveled and stable surface
only. Please do not place equipment on unstable
Do not look into the lens when it is operating.
It may hurt your eyes. Never let children look into the
lens when it is on.
Do not touch the air outlet grille and bottom
plate, which become hot.
Do not touch them or put other equipment in front
of the air outlet grille. The air outlet grille and bottom
plate, when heated, may cause injury or damage to
other equipment. Also, do not set the projector on the
desk which is easily affected by heat.
Do not look into the air outlet grille when
projector is operating.
Heat, dust, etc. may blow out of it and hurt your eyes.
Do not insert your fingers in the space
between the lens and the cabinet.
The lens may shift causing injury or damage to the
Do not block the air inlet and outlet grilles.
If they are blocked, heat may be generated inside the
projector, causing deterioration in the projector quality
and fire.
Do not use flammable solvents (benzene, thinner,
etc.) and flammable aerosols near the projector.
Flammable substances may ignite causing fire or
breakdown because the temperature inside the
projector rises very high while the lamp is illuminating.
Do not use the projector with condensation on it.
It can lead to breakdown or other failure.
Place of installation
For safety's sake, refrain from setting the projector
at any place subjected to high temperature and high
humidity. Please maintain an operating temperature,
humidity, and altitude as specified below.
For floor installation (projection angle 0°) and ceiling
installation (projection angle 180°):+41°F (+5°C) to
+104°F (+40°C)
For installation at other angles: +41°F (+5°C) to
+95°F (+35°C)
For use in the HIGH ALTITUDE mode (see page
13), the allowable operating temperature is +41°F
(+5°C) to +95°F (+35°C), which allows floor
installation or ceiling installation only.
projector so that the projector does not overheat.
unstable or subjected to vibration.
produces a strong magnetic field. Also refrain from
installing near the projector any cable carrying a
large current.
Place the projector on a solid, vibration free surface;
otherwise it may fall, causing serious injury to a
child or adult, and serious damage to the product.
serious injury and damage to the projector.
left) may cause trouble or explosion of the lamp.
unit, heater, or humidifier to avoid hot or moist air
to the exhaust and ventilation hole of the projector.
Do not place the projector in the following places.
Otherwise, a short circuit, heat generation, or melting
of the power cord coating may occur, causing fire,
electric shock, product failure, or deformation.
generated (i.e. hot spring)
the coast
altitude of 2700 meters or higher (When using
the product at an altitude of 2000 to 2700 meters
above the sea level, set the HIGH ALTITUDE MODE
to HIGH ALTITUDE.). Use at an altitude of 2700
meters or higher may affect the projector's life.
Upon Continuous Operation
Please ensure to power off at least for 1 hour once
every 7 days of continuous use.


Table of Contents

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