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Siemens 38-3AH3 38 kV Instruction Manual page 8

Vacuum circuit breaker
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Manual spring-charging access port
OPEN/CLOSED indicator
Operations counter
Figure 1: Type 38-3AH3 vacuum circuit breaker front panel controls
Receiving, handling and
Manual close button
Manual open/trip button
Storage procedure
1. Whenever possible, install the circuit
breaker in its assigned switchgear
enclosure for storage. Follow
instructions contained in the type
GM38 38 kV metal-clad switchgear
instruction manual, E50001-F710-
2. When the circuit breaker needs to be
placed on its pallet for storage, be sure
the unit is securely bolted to the pallet
and covered with polyethylene film at
least 10 mils thick.
Indoor storage
Whenever possible, store the circuit
breaker indoors. The storage environment
must be clean, dry and free of such items
as construction dust, corrosive
atmosphere, mechanical abuse and rapid
temperature variations.
Outdoor storage
Outdoor storage is not recommended.
When no other option is available, the
circuit breaker must be completely covered
and protected from rain, snow, dirt and all
other contaminants.
Space heating
Space heating must be used for both
indoor and outdoor storage to prevent
condensation and corrosion. When the
circuit breaker is stored outdoors, 250
watts per circuit breaker of space heating
is recommended. If the circuit breaker is
stored inside the switchgear enclosure,
and the switchgear is equipped with space
heaters, energize the space heaters.



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