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Siemens 38-3AH3 38 kV Instruction Manual page 2

Vacuum circuit breaker
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The information contained herein is
general in nature and not intended for
specific application purposes. It does not
relieve the user of responsibility to use
sound practices in application, installation,
operation and maintenance of the
equipment purchased. Siemens reserves
the right to make changes in the
specifications shown herein or to make
improvements at any time without notice
or obligations. Should a conflict arise
between the general information
contained in this publication and the
contents of drawings or supplementary
material or both, the latter shall take
Qualified person
For the purpose of this instruction manual
a qualified person is one who is familiar
with the installation, construction or
operation of the equipment and the
hazards involved. In addition, this person
has the following qualifications:
Is trained and authorized to
de-energize, clear, ground and tag
circuits and equipment in accordance
with established safety procedures.
Hazardous voltages and high speed moving parts.
Will cause death, serious injury or property damage.
Always de-energize and ground the equipment before
maintenance. Read and understand this instruction manual
before using equipment. Maintenance should be performed only
by qualified personnel. The use of unauthorized parts in the
repair of the equipment or tampering by unqualified personnel
will result in dangerous conditions which will cause death, severe
injury or equipment damage. Follow all safety instructions
contained herein.
Is trained in the proper care and use of
protective equipment, such as: rubber
gloves, hard hat, safety glasses or face
shields, flash clothing, etc., in
accordance with established safety
Is trained in rendering first aid.
Further, a qualified person shall also be
familiar with the proper use of special
precautionary techniques, personal
protective equipment, insulating and
shielding materials and insulated tools and
test equipment. Such persons are
permitted to work within limited approach
of exposed live parts operating at 50 volts
or more, and shall, at a minimum, be
additionally trained in all of the following:
The skills and techniques necessary to
distinguish exposed energized parts
from other parts of electric equipment.
The skills and techniques necessary to
determine the nominal voltage of
exposed live parts.
The approach distances specified in
NFPA 70E and the corresponding
voltages to which the qualified person
will be exposed.
The decision-making process necessary
to determine the degree and extent of
the hazard and the personal protective
equipment and job planning necessary
to perform the task safely.



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