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Korg King Owner's Manual: Trouble Shooting

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KingKORG Owner's manual
Press the FAVORITES button to select the bank (A–E) where
you want to register the program.
The FAVORITES button will light up, and the bank will change
each time you press the button.
Press the category/favorites button where you want to register
the program.
The category/favorites button that you pressed will blink; when
registration is complete, the button will be steadily illuminated.
Never turn off the power while registration is in progress. The
data may be destroyed if you do so.
TIP: You are free to change a program that's registered in Favorites.
Select Favorites, turn the dial to select the desired program,
and then press the WRITE button.

Trouble shooting

If the KingKORG does not function as you expect, check the
following points.
Power does not turn on
Is the AC adapter connected to an AC outlet? (OM: p.11 "Con‐
Are you holding down (long‐pressing) the power switch
when turning the power on? (OM: p.12 "Turning the power on/
No sound when you play the keyboard
Is your powered monitor system or headphones connected to
the correct jack(s)? (OM: p.11 "Connections")
Is the connected monitor system powered‐on, and is the
volume raised?
Is the VOLUME knob set to a position where sound will be out‐
In the GLOBAL "g17: MIDI Basic" page, is the local control set‐
ting "On"?
Were any volume‐related parameters set to a value of "0"?
In the PROGRAM "s32: Filter" page, could the cutoff value be
Volume is too soft when the TUBE control is turned on
It may be that the vacuum tube is worn out. Please contact a
Korg service center.
Can't input sound
Is the mic connected correctly to the mic jack?
Could the MIC LEVEL knob be turned all the way to the left?
In a vocoder program, have you specified "Input" for the
audio you're using as the modulator?
Can't edit
If turning a knob does not change the parameter:
In the GLOBAL "g11: Common>Knob" page, could the setting
be "Catch"?
If when you turn a knob, the position indicated by the knob
does not match the value shown in the display:
If the GLOBAL "g11: Common>Knob"page setting is set to
"ValueScale," the actual parameter value may differ from the
position indicated by the knob.
If the sound does not change when you use a knob:
Have you used the TIMBRE A/B select buttons to correctly
select the timbre that you want to edit?
If you can't select timbre B:
In the PROGRAM "p03: Common" page, could the voice
mode be set to "Single"?
If you can't select vocoder parameters in Edit mode:
Is the VOCODER button on (lit)?
If the changes you made to a program or to the global settings
have not been remembered, did you turn the power off before
executing the Write operation? In the case of a program, your
edits will also be lost if you select a different program. Per‐
form the Write operation to save your edits before you switch
programs or turn off the power.
Can't save program settings
In the GLOBAL "g12: Common" page, could the protect setting
be "On"?
If the program you edited is not saved, have you used the
value dial to correctly specify the save‐destination (program
Arpeggiator will not start
Is the arpeggiator on (ARP (TEMPO) button lit up)?
Is the arpeggiator assigned to a timbre?
In the GLOBAL "g19: MIDI Basic" page, is the clock setting
No response to MIDI messages sent from an external device
Is the MIDI cable or USB cable connected correctly?
Does the MIDI channel of the data transmitted from the exter‐
nal MIDI device match the MIDI channel of the KingKORG?
In the GLOBAL "g23–g27: MIDI Filter" page, is the setting "En‐
Transpose, velocity curve, and arpeggiator data is not
recognized correctly
In the GLOBAL "g03: Common" page, is the position setting
Can't control timbres on separate MIDI channels
If the PROGRAM "p03: Common" page's voice mode is set to
"Single," the KingKORG will receive only one MIDI channel.



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