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Korg King Owner's Manual: Turning The Power On/off; Auto Power-off; Playing The Kingkorg; Listening To The Demo Songs

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KingKORG Owner's manual
Connecting a MIDI device or computer
You'll need to make these connections if you want to use the
KingKORG's keyboard or controllers to control an external MIDI
sound module or to use a different MIDI keyboard or a sequencer to
control the KingKORG's sound generator. (PG: "6. MIDI parameters)
Connecting the AC adaptor
You must use the included AC adaptor. Using a different AC
adaptor may cause malfunctions.
Be sure that the AC outlet provides the correct voltage for your
AC adaptor.
Connect the included AC adapter to the DC12V jack located on
the rear panel.
To prevent the plug from being pulled out accidentally, wrap
the power cord around the hook on the rear panel. Be careful
not to apply excessive force to the collar of the DC plug.
When fastening the cable to
the cable hook, be careful not
to bend this area more than

Turning the power on/off

Turning the power on
Before you power‐on the KingKORG, you must power‐off any
external output device such as your powered monitor speakers.
Turn the KingKORG's VOLUME knob all the way toward the
left to minimize unwanted audio artifacts during startup.
Press and hold the power switch until the main display
appears; then release the power switch.
When the KingKORG starts up, the main display will show
information such as the program number and program name.
With the volume lowered on your monitor speakers or other
external output system, turn on the power of your output system.
Slowly raise the KingKORG's VOLUME knob while you
adjust the volume of your output system.
Turning the power off
Never turn off the power while data is being saved. Doing so
may cause the KingKORG's data to be damaged.
Lower the volume of your monitor speakers or other external
output system, and turn off the power of your output system.
Turn the KingKORG's VOLUME knob all the way toward the
left, and press and hold the power switch until the main
display goes blank.
Connect the plug
to an AC outlet.
Auto power-off
The KingKORG has an auto power‐off function. When a certain duration
of time has elapsed without user input on the front panel buttons or
knobs, or without the keyboard being played, the power will turn off
automatically. With the factory settings, this is set to four hours.
If desired, you can disable this function as follows.
Disabling the auto power-off function
Hold down the SHIFT/EXIT button and press the PROGRAM
(GLOBAL) button to enter Global mode.
Use the PAGE +/- buttons to access the GLOBAL "g15: Power
Off" page.
Turn the value dial to choose "Disable."
To save the change you've made, press the WRITE button to
save the global settings. (OM: p.21 "1. Saving global settings")
If you turn off the power without saving, the changes you've
made to the global settings will be discarded. If you want to
use your edited settings in the future, be sure to save them.
Playing the KingKORG
Listening to the demo songs
The KingKORG contains distinctive demo songs in a variety of
styles. Before you start playing, take a moment to experience the
KingKORG's sounds. (OM: p.112 "Demo song list")
Selecting and playing a demo song
The demo songs are assigned to the category/favorites buttons.
Hold down the SHIFT/EXIT button and press a category/
favorites button to select a demo song.
The demo will begin playing automatically, and will continue
playing consecutively until the last song. When the last demo
song has finished playing, playback will continue from the first
demo song.
The button corresponding to the demo song that's playing will
blink. To select a different demo song, press an illuminated
During demo song playback, press the SHIFT/EXIT button.
Demo song playback will stop, and you will return to Program mode.


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