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Korg pa 500 User Manual: Effects: Fx Select

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How to program a scale in realtime using
an SC (Scale) Preset
When the Quarter Tone function is activated, you can choose
one of the four SC (Scale) Presets, either by using the soft button
that appear in the display, or one of the corresponding buttons
on the control panel (only available on some models).
How to program a scale in realtime using a
footswitch or Assignable Switch
The Quarter Tone function allows you to program a custom
scale in realtime, for example those sudden scale change typical
of Arabic music. Changes are not saved anywhere, so the scale is
easily "wiped-out" when selecting a different Performance or
STS, an SC Preset, or when pressing the Quarter Tone pedal
Note: You can create a custom scale, to be assigned to a Perfor-
mance or STS, simply by selecting and editing a User scale, and
saving any change to a Performance or STS. See "Scale" above.
You can assign the "Quarter Tone" function to a footswitch or
the Assignable Switch.
Program a footswitch or the Assignable Switch, to be the
Quarter Tone switch.
Simply go to the Global mode, and reach the "Controllers:
Pedal/Switch/Slider" page. There, you will find the "Pedal/
Footswitch" parameter, to which you can assign the Quar-
ter Tone function.
While still in Global mode, select the Write Global-Global
Setup command from the page menu, to save these settings
to the Global (see "Write Global - Global Setup dialog box"
on page 212).
Lower some note pitches.
Keep the Quarter Tone pedal pressed. The keyboard will
not play at this time. Press the notes you want to lower a
quarter tone. Release the pedal.
Play with your new scale.
Notes you pressed on step 2 are now lowered of a quarter
Reset the original scale.
Press and release the Quarter Tone pedal again, without
playing any note. All pitches will be reset, and the scale
selected by the Performance, STS will be recalled.
Style Play operating mode

Effects: FX Select

This page allows you to select the A/B (Style and Pads) and C/D
(Keyboard) effects.
FX A...D
Effects assigned to the corresponding effect processors. Usually,
A and C are reverbs, while B and D are modulating effects (cho-
rus, flanger, delay...). For a list of the available effects, see the
"Advanced Edit" addendum in the Accessory CD.
Effects from A to D can be saved to a Performance. Effect A/B
(Style and Pad tracks) can be saved to a Style Performance.
Effects C/D (Keyboard tracks) can be saved to an STS.
FX Amount
Volume of the effect, that is added to the dry (uneffected) signal.
B to A, D to C
Amount of the B effect going back to the input of the A effect, or
of the D effect going back to the input of the C effect.
Mod.Track (Modulating Track)
Source track for modulating MIDI messages. You can modulate
an effect parameter with a MIDI message generated by an inter-
nal physical controller.
Effects: FX Select


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