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Korg pa 500 User Manual: Troubleshooting

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General problems
Power does not turn on
No sound
Lowest note are not played
Wrong sounds
Sound does not stop
The selected Style or Song cannot
Does not respond to MIDI mes-
Percussive instruments are not
played correctly
Some "clicks" can be heard when
playing a percussive instrument
A background noise can be heard
after selecting a Performance,
Style or STS
Media related problems
Cannot format a device
Cannot save data to a card
Make sure that (1) the power cable is plugged into the outlet, (2) the cable is plugged into the
connector on the back of the instrument, (3) and is not damaged, (4) there are no problems
with the mains.
Is the power switch turned ON?
If the power still does not turn on, contact your dealer or the nearest KORG Service Center.
Is a jack connected to the PHONES connector? This would disable the internal speakers.
Check the connections to your amp or mixer.
Make sure that all the components of the amplifying system are turned on.
Is the MASTER VOLUME slider of the Pa500 set to a position other than "0"?
Is the Local parameter set to Off? Turn it On.
Is the Speaker parameter set to Off? Turn it On.
Is the Attack parameter value too high? Set it to a lower value, to let the sound start faster. Is
the Volume parameter too low? Set it to a higher value.
When the SPLIT LED is lit up, the keyboard will be divided into the Lower part (low notes,
below the split point) and the Upper part (high notes, above the split point). Is the Lower track
muted? Unmute it.
Do the USER banks contain modified data? Load the appropriate data for the Song or the Style
you wish to playback.
Has one of the USER Drum Kits been modified? Load the appropriate Drum Kits.
Have the Styles or Performances been modified? Load the appropriate data (Styles or Perfor-
Make sure that the damper switch polarity parameter is set correctly.
Make sure that the Clock parameter is set to Internal. If you are using the MIDI Clock of
another device, you must set the MIDI Clock parameter to MIDI or USB (depending on the port
the Pa500 is hooked to the other device through) and make sure that the external device trans-
mits MIDI Clock data.
Make sure that all MIDI or USB cables are connected correctly.
Make sure that the external device is transmitting through MIDI channels enabled to receive in
the Pa500.
Make sure that the MIDI IN Filters of the Pa500 do not prevent the reception of messages.
Make sure that the Drum track is set to Drum Mode and the external device has not transposi-
tion applied.
This is part of the sound, and not a problem.
The selected Performance, Style or STS recalled the effect "17 St. Analog Record", simulating
the noise of a old vinyl recording.
Is the card correctly inserted?
Is the write protect switch of the card in the protect position?
Is the device formatted?
Is the device inserted correctly?
Is the write protect switch of the card in the protect position?
Does the card contain data compatible with the Pa500?
87, 94
92, 190


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