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Korg pa 500 User Manual: Start Up; Connecting The Ac Power Adapter; Turning The Instrument On And Off; Controlling The Volume

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Start up

Connecting the AC power adapter

Start up
Connecting the AC power adapter
Connect the supplied AC power adapter to the dedicated socket
on the rear of the instrument. Then, plug it into a wall socket.
Warning: Use only the supplied adapter, or an adapter suggested
by Korg. Other adapters may look similar, but they may damage
your instrument!

Turning the instrument on and off

Press the STANDBY/ON switch on the rear panel to turn
the instrument on. The display will light up, showing the
boot procedure.
Press again the STANDBY/ON switch on the rear panel to
turn the instrument off.
Warning: When turning the instrument off, all data con-
tained in RAM (Song recorded or edited in Sequencer mode)
will be lost. On the contrary, data contained in the SSD mem-
ory (Factory data, User Sounds, Performances and Styles)
will be preserved.

Controlling the Volume

Master Volume
Use the MASTER VOLUME slider to control the
overall volume of the instrument. This slider con-
trols the volume of the Pa500 sound going to the
internal speakers, the main (L/MONO and
RIGHT) OUTPUTs, and the PHONES connector.
It does not control the volume of sound entering
the INPUT connectors.
Note: Begin with a moderate level, then raise the
MASTER VOLUME up. Don't keep the volume at
an uncomfortable level for too long.
Keyboard, Style and Song Volume
Use the BALANCE slider to control the relative vol-
ume of RealTime tracks (RT: keyboard), Pad and
Style Accompaniment tracks (ACC: drums, percus-
sions, bass...), and Song tracks (SEQ).
Note: This slider does not work in Sequencer and
Sound mode.
When in Style Play mode, this slider balances
between the Realtime (keyboard) tracks, and
the Accompaniment (Style) and Pad tracks.
When in Song Play mode, this slider balance
between the Realtime (keyboard) tracks, and
both Sequencer and Pad tracks.

The Sequencer's BALANCE slider

The Sequencer's BALANCE slider sets the relative volume of the
two onboard sequencers (Sequencer 1 and Sequencer 2).
Move it fully left to set Sequencer 1 to the maximum level
and Sequencer 2 to zero.
Move it fully right to set Sequencer 1 to zero and Sequencer
2 to the maximum level.
Move it to the center to set both Sequencer at the same
Note: When turning the instrument on, move this slider to the cen-
ter, to avoid starting a Song at the minimum level.


Connect a pair of headphones to the PHONES output, on the
back of the instrument. You can use headphones with an imped-
ance of 16-200Ω (50Ω suggested). Use a headphone splitter to
connect more than one pair of headphones.

Audio Outputs

Audio outputs allows you to connect the Pa500 to an external
amplification system.
Stereo. Connect two mono cables to the main (L/MONO,
RIGHT) OUTPUTs. Connect the other end of the cables to a ste-
reo channel of your mixer, two mono channels, two powered
monitors, or the CD, LINE IN or TAPE/AUX input of your
audio system. Don't use the PHONO inputs of your audio sys-


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