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Korg pa 500 User Manual: Controllers: Pedal/switch/slider

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Controllers: Pedal/Switch/Slider

Track Activity
Show Track Activity
Use this parameter to turn on/off the Track Activity display.
When it is turned on, you can monitor events coming from the
tracks or the MIDI inputs. Incoming events are shown by the
blinking of each track's label. By default, this parameter is turned
Display Hold
Display Hold On
This option turns the Display Hold function on or off. By
default, it is turned on.
When you open a temporary windows (like the
Sound Select window), it remains in the display
until you press EXIT or an operating mode but-
Any temporary window closes after a certain
Auto Select
Auto Style Select
Auto Performance/Sound Select
When one of these parameters is checked, the latest selected
Style, Performance or Sound selected in a bank is immediately
selected when pressing the bank button.
This way, you can assign your preferred Style, Performance or
Sound to each control panel's button, and select it just with a
single press.
However, the Style/Perf/Sound Select window still appears when
you press one of the bank buttons, so you can select a different
item if desired.
Note: Unless you save your settings by means of the "Write Global-
Auto Select Setup" page menu command, the memorized Style,
Performance or Sound is reset to the first one in each bank, when
turning the instrument off and then on again.
Hint: You can save your preferred Performances into the first loca-
tion of each bank. This way, by turning on this parameter, you will
select your preferred Performance at the touch of a single button.
Also note that, by turning the "Factory Style and Pad Protect" and
"Factory Sound Protect" parameters off, you can do the same with
the Styles and Sounds.
Controllers: Pedal/Switch/Slider
This page lets you to calibrate and select a function to the
Assignable Pedal/Footswitch, select the polarity for the Damper
Pedal, and assign a function to the Assignable Slider.
See page 270 for a list of the assignable functions. The first func-
tions are switch-type functions, while the remaining (starting
from Master Volume) are continuous-like functions.
Continuous pedal, or footswitch, connected to the ASSIGN-
ABLE PDL/SW connector.
Use this button to calibrate and choose the polarity of the pedal/
Connect the pedal or footswitch to the ASSIGN PDL/SW
connector on the back of the instrument.
Go to this page, and press the "Calibration" button in the
display. The following dialog box appears:
You are asked to set the pedal to the maximum value. Press
the footswitch, or press the pedal to the maximum position
(usually front pressed).
Press the "Push" button in the display to confirm the maxi-
mum value. The following dialog box appears:


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